Feather banners

Aesthetic Feather Banners

Tapping into Human Aesthetics with Feather Banners

There is a reason why feather banners have remained relatively proportionate to the very first versions employed for marketing. The height of feather banners’ displayed information, their size, and their colour tone, contrast, and movement, are all geared towards catching human attention along the lines of all of those metrics.

Well designed, in a nutshell, are what feather banners are, and they say “fun” and “activity” as few other display options do. Something about their positioning in clusters or series also appeals to our response to patterns, perhaps emulating military order (authority) or abundance.

Outdoors or Indoors, Exhibition Inputs Count

Pop-up displays benefit from feather banners enormously – think of the boerewors roll guy who appears one Saturday morning at the local garage, all the way through to a banner-lined avenue on a giant corporate entity’s open day. For quick and cost-effective attention-grabbing or broad marketing purposes, few things give so much great exposure for so little. Moreover, they are a cinch to transport, set up, or knock down.

For economy-minded exhibitors, you cannot do better than feather banners. For their extreme visibility and ability to inoffensively repeat marketing messages when placed in succession, with your branding, with just the right colour tones, and at just the right height, they deserve greater use. There is something about those feather banners…

Ease of Use Does Not Get Better Than This

Feather banners offer a large surface area while still being extremely quick and easy to deploy and knock down. Quality banners will retain their vibrant colours, stretching their use, unlike many other promotional aids that quickly crumble after a few annual trade shows. Wrapped in a purpose-fit carry bag, they are the most pleasant marketing material to break down and ship home after a show.

With everyone that passes by your feather banners, you are building brand proximity. It might seem corny, but the act of literally positioning your brand alongside or amongst the throng, is soothing the simian psyche we all share, to whatever extent familiarity breeds acceptance, and from there, hopefully participation. For repeated exhibiting or display at the same venue over time, feather banners’ durable nature will go towards ingraining your brand in the consciousness of regular users of the premises. Fresh and durable always, professional banners speak of organisational vibrancy and fitness.

Gawk is Where Great Displays are Born

If you have ever had a bad business card run or waited weeks for promotional material that eventually came out goblin green instead of Amazon green, you will understand the value of turning to the pros. Professional promotional suppliers get it right first time around, and carry the can wholesale in any case, once commissioned to assist.

Gawk knows exhibition requirements backwards, and we offer a full suite of services at affordable prices to cover every display desire you might have. Call on us for all of your promotional material. This is our game, and it will be only a pleasure to equip you with the best!