Affordable Branding

Affordable Branding Takes on New Meaning in the 21st Century

Smaller companies and business start-ups often struggle to get their branding off the ground. They get the logos, slogans, letterheads, business cards, flyers and websites, but when it comes to other means for affordable branding, they don’t take the next steps.

Branding doesn’t have to be expensive. Although it certainly helps to have a larger than life billboard ad next to the freeway, one has to calculate the return on investment. If the billboard’s design and space rental cost more than the sales or lead conversions, then it is time to look at more affordable branding options.

Branding should be consistent and doesn’t have to be big. In-store promotions using branded pull-up banners to grab attention or window displays with graphic walls can be just as effective. Add to the above, shark-fin styled banner flags to lead to exhibition stalls or digital kiosks in-store, where customers can access information, and the company is already on their way to successful branding at an affordable price.

The brand name and message should be displayed on every item at a sponsored event and this includes the umbrellas, brochure stands, counter, booth walls and digital kiosks. This brings us to the next point – using technology to create interaction with the brand.

Digital kiosks are basically housings for iPads and tablets, where customers or exhibition visitors can place orders, make payments, receive information about specific products or services, or interact with brand games. The kiosks are thus information points or means to improve engagement. However, without proper housings, which are the kiosks, the risk of damage to the iPads is exceptionally high.

In addition, the kiosks provide additional branding space and make the information or advertising points more visible for the customers or visitors. Of course, these kiosks don’t only have to be used at trade shows. Applications can range from retail store points at specific product displays, to public spaces where people get directions. The possibilities are endless and so are the branding opportunities.

Various types of banners are now available and companies can also invest in banner walls for their booths. Notably, many smaller companies stay clear from these because they mistakenly believe that they will not be able to afford the graphic walls and banners. However, by considering the high visibility and visual attractiveness of the walls, it becomes clear that investment into these products will bring the necessary return on investment. The walls can be used over and over again, and this also applies to the banners, flags, poles and related branding surfaces.

Being portable, the brand vehicles can be used at different locations. Unlike permanently installed advertising, the lightweight branding surfaces can be erected quickly and disassembled for movement. The same advertising surfaces can be used in Johannesburg at a trade show today and returned to Cape Town where the materials are used in-store for promotions. Branding has thus become more affordable, also for smaller players.

The above being said, it is still exceptionally important to find a reliable service provider in South Africa. Even though the branding materials can be ordered from overseas companies, the risk of incorrect printing or poor quality is simply not worth the effort. The supplier should be local and offer a fast turnaround time on the printing of the brand messages.

It is also important to consider the types of print surfaces available and the range of print technologies that the company uses, since it will affect pricing, quality and turnaround time. Another consideration is whether the company operates in a limited geographical area or provides the convenience of online communication and product selection opportunities. With such, the business is able to save on time and costs related to visiting the supplier.

We meet all the requirements of the perfect supplier, and offer companies big and small an extensive range of affordable branding opportunities in South Africa.