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Exhibition Branding Tips from Podd Display to Help Your Booth Stand Out

Exhibition branding with Podd Display is the first step towards cost savings and maximum impact. We want you to make the most of your branding opportunities and have thus shared a few tips to help you along the way.

Why Participate in Trade Shows?

Exhibitions of whatever nature enable you to portray your brand in a cost-effective, highly-visible manner to thousands of people. It makes it possible for you to focus on particular products or services, and to generate leads from visitors that are new to your brand.

Why Brand?

Just having a booth at an exhibition without business cards, show stoppers, proper branded walls, counters and brochure stands means that you miss out on the opportunity to get your brand noticed. Many visitors don’t buy at exhibitions, but they do collect information and keep such until they need it. If your branding materials are among the collected items, you increase the chances of the visitors becoming loyal customers in future.

Why Return to the Same Exhibition?

Even if you didn’t make an impact at your first trade show attendance, you should return to the same exhibitions year after year. People expect to see you there and consistency is synonymous with effective branding. You want to create a long-lasting memory and this is achieved by returning to the same exhibitions.

Why Do Research?

Failure to do research on the competitors that will also showcase their products at the tradeshow and the general target audience to be expected will translate into sales losses. Gain an understanding of your competitors and the layout of the show, as well as the income, interests and demographics of the visitors, as this will help you brand accordingly for maximum impact.

Make Best Use of Space

You pay per day and for the space that you use. We know that trade show spaces don’t come cheap. As such, you will want to get the most return possible for the rental. Do this with onsite branding. There are hundreds of stands and you need to make your stand visible. For this, use highly visible and attractive colours in your printing. The printing should be perfect. By using reusable materials, you save money and can use the items at another trade show as well.

Keep Up with the Times

Social media has become a powerful tool to get word out. Use the platform to notify your clients that you will be showcasing at the particular show and hand out VIP tickets to your top customers. Give them incentives to visit your stall and be ready to use the latest technology, such as digital kiosks, to create interactivity, as well as ensure that customers have self-help options. Apply the exhibition’s hashtags, which will make the organiser’s task of giving you more exposure easier.

Combine Online and Offline Marketing

While you are at the show, have someone tweet, whilst another posts to Facebook and writes a blog post for your website while at the show. With such, you create more interest and many people who would otherwise not  have visited the show may decide to get there before it draws to a close.

Give Something to Receive Something

With all the branding you have done, it will still not help if the visitors don’t enter your booth. Give something to get something. You may want to offer free coffee in branded cups, hand out brand badges, key rings and promotional items, and run competitions.

Give Something Worth Keeping

This is where branded materials become exceptionally important. Apart from promotional items such as key rings, you need to get your brochures packed with information to the visitors. On every item that you give away, there should be a call to action (CTA), together with the contact details of your company.

Show How it Works

If you offer a service, it may not be that easy to demonstrate your offering, but fortunately with graphical walls and digital kiosks, you can have information spaces explaining the details of your service and what’s in it for the customer in the simplest possible terms.

Get more from branding at exhibitions. Use our modular display products and our printing expertise at Podd Display to help you successfully brand at trade shows.