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Award-Winning Exhibition Stand Design

Only the Best – What an Award Winning-Exhibition Stand Design Can Offer You

While 2020 was a year many would like to forget, the perilous months did yield a few triumphs and high points. One such high point was the awarding of a 2020 European Product Design Award (EPDA) to Technimark Advanced Prototype Services for their Triga GO exhibition system, the very same system offered by us at Gawk.

A Closer Look at the Award-Winning Exhibition Display Stand System

The Triga tensioned fabric system modernises exhibition display with super easy setup that doesn’t require any tools and flat pack storage for transport without headaches. This is achieved without compromising the presentation of your brand or the customisation on offer. Let’s have a closer look at this award-winning exhibition display stand system.


We begin with the simple H-stand. A free-standing frame supports a fabric banner with your custom print. The perfect support for an exhibition display, demonstration, or sampling stand in malls or at events, these stands can be customised to display prints on one or both sides and come in widths of 0.5 metres and 0.7 metres. With the addition of a few parts and a new print fabric, they can easily be converted into totems, which are detailed below. They are dead simple to set up and require no more than a few minutes of training. These can also serve as walls for very compact exhibition spaces.


One up from H-stands are the versatile totems. Totems make for great walls in very compact exhibition stands and can be made to stand between 1 and 2.5 metres tall! The increased surface area of the display allows for greater design flexibility and easy display of information. Totems, as well as walls and counters, come with a handy backpack for easy carrying.


The totems’ big brother, Triga walls can be extended indefinitely in increments of 0.5 metres. A greater variety of applications are thus possible, such as use as a backdrop for media productions, photography, and eye-grabbing promotional display. The possibility of creating corners in the walls allows for L-shape and U-shape booth configurations, or even a box/tower if you like. The highly modular nature of the TRIGA exhibition display system makes designing an exhibition space feel like playing with Lego again. And if you’re wondering about the design constraints on the printed display fabric, Gawk can provide seamless printed designs of up to 100 metres of wall!


Branded counters are available and are just as easy to transport and set up as the rest of the TRIGA collection, and they too can be extended indefinitely by increments of 0.5 metres. These sturdy surfaces form the perfect platform for products and paperwork, all while boasting your branded print with every available square centimetre.

Green Screen

The Triga system is perfectly applicable to studio environments. All the flexibility of the modular frames allows for green screen set ups limited only by your imagination. The satin textile fabric available is non-reflective and can be replaced with a printed background in the blink of an eye.

Garment Merchandisers

Triga garment merchandisers accommodate textile and clothing features in exhibition stands. The adjustable height and modular design can host a wide variety of products in all the same L, U, box and plus shaped configurations possible with the Triga walls. The merchandisers feature large headers for effective eye-level branding, which can be replaced for re-purposing with ease.

The above exhibition display stand solutions form part of the EPDA 2020 award-winning Triga GO package, but Gawk offers more than this. Our repertoire includes leading exhibition and design services, the impressive Triga MAX exhibition system, along with several other branding and promotional products like poster frames, brochure stands and even queue barriers, not to mention the high-quality printing services available.

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