Banner Wall

Banner Wall: Making an Impact

Banner Walls: For When You Are Trying to Make an Impact

Walls have not had a great reputation over the last century or two – think “Berlin”-but that is unfair to a generous drawing board that is so much more than a barrier could ever be. There are dramatic differences in effect when exhibitors or even residents employ a banner wall to convey an ethos, an image, or an advert for the owners. Literally a modern-day artist’s canvas, banner walls are typically built over a lightweight alloy frame, and they really have a next-level effect. It still has the scale for the human brain to not quite be able to believe! Put differently, it should make a part of your brain go: “How did they do that so big, so well?” That is the quality of print required for banners, especially when you are building for a giant, colourful, and impactful visual effect.

Want to host a party no one will ever forget? Want to produce a really amazing red-carpet reception at a gala event? Perhaps you would like to blow other exhibitors away by making a statement about your presence in the market? The limit has been lifted on how big you can be! That said, quality is paramount. Print quality that was meant to be briefly appreciated from the highway has no place in self-respecting banner walls.

It is also completely unnecessary, because while many might not know it, professional printers today have had some pretty nifty improvements flood their arena over the last few decades. We tend to think of “tech” as laptops or cloud services, but printing is a hi-tech arena too. Especially with the evolution of digital printing and 3D printing, exemplary quality printing for commercial purposes has become a basic expectation, something the legacy arena was not always able to produce.

The Real Big Screen Experience

Banner walls really come into their own wherever many people gather. Think of sports stadiums and concert halls, where the seating and the space itself is such that there will always be a far side. Banner walls have a way of crossing that distance, because of their size and our brains’ reactions to visual imagery on that scale.

In fact, they are becoming default for many sponsors of sporting events, because those savvy marketers have done the math and looked at the analytics. Banner walls have the greatest effect at the lowest cost per eyeball. In other words, it will very often give you the greatest exposure (and potential ROI) for the cost of sponsorship. Of course, stadiums and other venues differ, but when a wall of banners is the logical solution, it performs handsomely.

Want to make an impression consumers will never forget? Want to make the locals sad about the look and feel of their mall after you have gone? That big impact on the human brain is what banner walls are guaranteed to deliver. Product launches hope for a deep reach. Yes, immediate engagement and perhaps even sales are important, but the marketer’s dream is ultimately to make a lasting impression. Nothing produces great year-on-year growth like a growing customer base to work with. It is often that direct – build a banner wall, and your image will be imprinted upon the minds of all who see it. That is less Machiavellian than it sounds, and in fact a charming aesthetic absorption thing. The human brain delights in the colours and massive scale of the imagery – the manufacturers launching their product or service will delight in their market penetration.

Come to Gawk for the Best Quality

At Gawk, we have yet to print something that was not the best quality possible today, using the highest level of smart technology. We print banners, but those three words belie the mountain of experience and genuine insistence on quality we always manifest.

When you want the best banners with the best final finish, come to people who want to be the best in their field. Get us on board for all your digital print needs, and we will take you to where the rest of our customers dwell – the very top drawer of print technology’s abilities. Gawk is visual effect at scale, made real.