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Four Ideas for Event Branding on a Small Budget

Any branded event’s main goal is to raise awareness of your brand, and to forge new connections that could potentially lead to new customers and sales. Hosting or attending an event can be an expensive endeavour. With marketing budgets under increasing scrutiny in a tough economic climate, there is precious little left over for branding. The good news, however, is that branding needn’t break your company’s budget. We’ve compiled four cost-efficient branding ideas to keep your brand at the top of mind of decision-makers and consumers today.

#1 Branded Banners

The lovely thing about branded banners is that they never stop delivering. You can use these banners at your business premises, or when you attend a tradeshow or exhibition, or when holding branding events. These banners are flexible and durable, and can deliver fantastic returns for years to come.

#2 Pop-up Banners

This is perhaps one o the most sensible branding investments your company will ever make, as the pop-up banner, or roll-up banner, comprises a brand and graphic message printed on fabric supported by an aluminium frame. As the name suggests, these roll-up banners are retractable and easily rolled up and stored. You can take these on the road with you, and they literally take seconds to set up and take down.

#3 Towers

Towers are portable display architecture suited to applications ranging from exhibition displays to shopping centre promotions, and even event signage. Easy to install, the towers can also be used as portable billboards. Look forward to different designs, including square, round, and elliptical towers sure to take your brand to the next level.

#4 Wall Mounts

Another affordable branding solution, these large-span retail branding solutions are perfectly suited for use in branding campaigns and events. Gain maximum visibility with easily interchangeable prints for campaign management, and look forward to easily installing them with no special tools required.

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