Branded DigiKiosks

The Outstanding Benefits of Branded DigiKiosks

 Marketing is an ever-evolving market. New trends, ways of advertising, modern developments and human responses to different media continuously determine how we expose our products to new markets and customers. Digital marketing has become one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing a product – regardless of which platform you use, it is still cheaper than the more traditional ways of bringing your product or service to the consumer. It is also a lot easier and a lot quicker.

Nowadays, we take a picture of our products or situation in real time and post a picture online that crosses a myriad of social media platforms. We can even link them to one another, so that we only need to advertise on one single platform and extend it to the others, without having to make the effort to repost! These are exciting times for the advertising and marketing industries, and as a result, people like to interact with brands on a more digital level. This is exactly why branded DigiKiosks are such a great idea right now.

How Does a DigiKiosk Work?

Basically, the DigiKiosk is a tablet that is secured to a wall, on a stand or on a table that is loaded with product information. This gives any visitor to your stand the opportunity to interact with the brand, and to find out more about it in their own time. It also gives them the option to look at the facets of the product or service that interests them. This is an enormous help when it comes to a busy stand managed by a small number of staff. Instead of having to run around between potential customers, your staff can direct customers to the tablet, where they can find out more about the product, and then the staff can answer questions later. Branded DigiKiosks can even be used on their own, without the need for additional staff members, and still be highly effective. The stand or frame in which the tablet is stored is secured and protected, and keeps the tablet safe from damage or theft. The relevant information is also loaded beforehand, in order to only enable the potential client access to the information that they need on the tablet.

Digital display units have to be secure and robust in order to work well, and to bring a stronger message across about the brand and the character of the brand. This means that the customer is never in doubt about the product or service that they are learning more about, and that the brand colours and logos become familiar to them. Anything that contains branding brings the customer closer to recognition of the brand, and this plays a great role in the future choices that they make regarding your brand and the competition. It has been proven that customers who have encountered your branding before and recognise the branding are much more likely to choose this brand over non-recognised brands in future, even if they haven’t used your particular brand before. This means that getting your customer to learn more about your brand can boost sales and provide confidence in your service or product. Now, that is a win-win situation!

Branding Options

At Podd Display, we offer a number of different branding options that can be customised to the needs of the client and the brand. For instance, you can choose to add the company logo, the brand name and even a slogan, or all of the above! You can choose between an enclosure, half branded, full branded or quarter branded – the choice is yours!

If you would like to find out more about how branded DigiKiosks can bring your potential customer and your existing clients closer to your brand, in order to increase sales, give our expert team at Podd Display a call at your earliest convenience.