Branding and Display Stands

Designing Show-Stopping Display Stands to Promote your Brand

If you operate in the exhibition and tradeshow industry, chances are you have been to exhibitions where there were some amazing display stands, alongside fairly regular ones, and ones that totally just faded into the background and disappear from memory. What is the magical ingredient to designing branding and display stands that simply cannot help but stand out from the crowd and grab attention? Aside from actually paying a premium for your exhibition space, you simply cannot afford to let viable prospects scurry away from your booth to your competitor’s, and take their valuable business with them. And this is exactly what is set to happen if you do not have arresting display stands ready to pull in your prospects so that you can close the deal.

The magical ingredient in any winning branding and display stand is to be interesting. People are drawn to brands that have value, and if your stand communicates “boring” to them, people will move on. It is a harsh reality, and the exhibition circuit is cutthroat, but instead of fighting it, you can make it work for you. Let us take a look at some helpful tips to pull off interesting and immersive branding and display stands that will leave people with no choice other than to stop and take notice.

Make your Branding and Display Stands Unique

Let us set the record straight right away – the wheel has already been invented, so when we talk about making your display stand unique, we are not saying that you have to reinvent the wheel. Everyone’s working with the same canvas, but it is what you do with that canvas that makes it unique. Tradeshows and exhibitions are large events and require investment in both time and money. If you are really serious about creating a unique experience, then start by creating a booth that stands out. Your booth can be used time and again, so it is an investment that keeps on providing good returns. The booth can be made up of various branding and display stands guiding your customers through a journey with your brand, leading up to the point where you close the deal, or get the lead.

Embrace Technology with Digital Kiosks

One way to stand out from the crowd even more, while at the same time appealing to the tech-savvy market, is to embrace technology in your branding and display stand. Digital kiosks are the way of the future, and with digital marketing campaigns benefitting greatly from display hardware that is robust, flexible, and secure, the sky is the limit. We have the very latest branding and display stands and solutions available on the market. What’s more, we have also developed a range of secure kiosks able to accommodate a range of digital tablets for various applications and marketing environments. Whether you are looking for a conventional display stand or would like to incorporate any of our digital kiosks in your branding solution, we have what your brand needs.

Choose Podd Display for Beautiful Branding and Display Stands

We have been operational since 2006 and continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing and evolving exhibition and display industry in search of quality display products delivered at competitive rates. With roots in the South African exhibition and display industry dating back to more than three decades, we continue to instil a culture of continued innovation and strong client relationships in our growing sector. At least 60% of all raw materials, hardware, and products used in our solutions are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers, a fact in which we take exceptional pride.

To learn more about our branding and display stands solutions and offerings, and for the professional advice needed to get the most out of your branding stand, contact us today.