Custom Fabric Displays

10 Ways Custom Tension Fabric Displays Change the Game

Visual marketing is a vital part of the growth and continued success of any organisation. Having a professional presence in the right spaces is of great value and can help keep a brand in the public eye – and hearts. However, if not approached correctly, a poorly conceived display can also be harmful, not to mention exceptionally costly. Luckily, there is an innovative solution that is a complete game-changer: custom tension fabric displays. We take a closer look at this great product, its uses, and its benefits to companies.

Great uses for custom tension fabric displays include:

  • *Expos, exhibitions, and trade shows
  • *Showroom displays
  • *Pop-up shops, bars, and information stands
  • *Retail environments, including window displays and promotional displays
  • *Themed or branded office events
  • *Conferences

These are just some of the game-changing benefits you can expect when making use of custom tension fabric displays:

  1. Easy to Transport

Most display stands are tended for use at expos and markets and for other promotional activities which take place off-site. Custom tension fabric displays are lightweight and disassemble into compact, easy to carry units which can easily be taken from one venue to the next.

  1. Easy to Store

The same features that make these units so easy to transport also makes them really easy to store, as they take up very little space when properly packed away.

  1. No Creases

Unlike substrates, such as vinyl and other rigid display solutions, fabric can easily be folded into compact parcels and the tensioned setup means that you do not have to worry about creases, cracks, or folds.

  1. It Is Reusable

The fact that you can transport and store it easily and without fear of damage means this display solution has a very long lifespan and can be used over and over.

  1. Quick and Easy to Erect

You do not need any tools, nor is it necessary to have a team of people to assemble these units.

  1. It is Very Cost-Effective

With low transport costs, easy erection, and exceptional durability and reusability, these units offer incredible value for money.

  1. Highly Versatile Solution

As mentioned above, custom tension fabric displays are the perfect solution for a large variety of events and functions, making this one of the most versatile display solutions on the market.

  1. Impressive Stands

Forget the stock-standard box-design stand, the sad-looking repurposed stand, or the budget-breaking elaborate stand that requires months of production and two mortgages to finance… Custom tension fabric displays can take any shape or form you can imagine and be applied to a wide variety of size requirements. It is entirely possible to have the sleek, elaborate stand you have dreamed of.

  1. Excellent Visual Quality for A Professional Image

While it is imperative to be cost-conscious, it is also very important to ensure that your brand comes across as professional. Making use of digital printing techniques, these stands offer exceptional print and colour quality, ensuring that your brand always looks professional.

  1. It Looks Great on Photographs

Whether it is intended as a backdrop or not, custom tension fabric displays look great on photos, as they are non-reflective and crease-free. This is often a feature that is not considered but which plays an important role in the perception of a brand’s image.

Where to Get Your Custom Tension Fabric Displays

Top-quality TRIGA® products are available through Gawk, the leaders in branding innovation and visual engineering:

  • TRIGA® Max: For fully customisable tension fabric displays that can accommodate custom add-ons.
  • TRIGA® Go: Allows for the super-quick assembly of banner walls, towers, counters, or small- and medium-sized textile display stands.

Gawk can also assist with the design and digital printing of your display unit.

If you are a brand manager, design agency, or exhibitor in search of high-quality custom tension fabric displays, get in touch with our expert team at Gawk right away.