Digital Printing

Digital Printing Benefits

The Benefits of Digital Printing

Although most people know that digital printing is now the default methodology, many still do not know what that implies. It is also confusing, because of course we have had “digital printing” in the office for decades, haven’t we? So, for those outside of the print game, what do printers mean when they talk about digital, and why is it now the most popular route to producing great printed material?

For one thing, simplicity is paramount. It was always understood that if the technology could simply evolve a little, it would beat alternative forms of printing, if it could just match their final effect. Well, it has evolved, and it now matches and ultimately surpasses legacy technologies because it has become the simplest route to quality. That is the value of digital printing in a nutshell, but there is more to it than that.

Full colour is obviously a given with modern print technology, but the design possibilities are also copious. Digital utilises the CMYK colour control – that is cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – a far more effective and colour-true printing methodology than working off the old Pantone colour system. Because top print companies work with such superior technologies, they will typically check your artwork for you, and their print servers will convert where necessary, so that you get your printed material in the right colours – the colours you wanted.

There is no limit to the colour palette. It is a single process print, with no printing plates involved. Set-up time is vastly reduced, and when speed is of the essence, digital is the way to go.

There Is More…

Very often, colour-matching is needed, and it is also needed on a time-constrained print job! Digital printing has saved more tears than can be counted, because even on jobs with convoluted requirements, it remains quick and far simpler than legacy processes. Remember the days when you had to pay a surcharge for small volumes, or printers simply would not take on the job because of those low volumes? Well, digital printing has eliminated all those potentials, as low volume printing is a cinch with the technology.

The technology also swallows up a range of different materials for a full range of effects, and as long as the original photography is good, large format is best served by digital too. Vinyl, paper, and knitted polyester fabrics are all employed by Gawk to produce the spectacular prints demanded by business today, and digital printing even does supreme justice to backlit prints, where you do not want to lose the background or general office light, but also do not want light shining through the print to wash out colour.

Come to Gawk for the Best Results

When you are seeking digitised solutions in print, come to Gawk first. We also help create cosy and functional offices with frosted vinyl prints, providing just the right amount of privacy for meeting rooms, and we also do highly effective Contravision – one-way block-out perforated vinyl printing that allows you to see out, but anyone looking in sees only your printed display – no looking in!

We do a high-traffic laminate print for flooring – why not utilise that enormous branding space? We also do floor decals too. We bring the benefits of superior print technologies all the way home for our customers.

Modern business demands a highly capably and full-house print service, and at Gawk, we lead the field in digital solutions. When a professional response, great reporting, and fast turnaround times matter, come to Gawk for the highest quality results. Call us, mail us, or take a peek at our extensive product and service range online. We are here, ready and waiting, and you are going to get the best service, and the best results time and again.