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Digital Printing on Vinyl

What You Need to Know About Digital Printing on Vinyl

Vinyl block-out prints are widely used on vehicle and retail store windows to create branded spaces. But to get the best quality on vinyl for applications ranging from block-out to frosted surfaces for more privacy, you need accurate and high-quality digital printing.

Even with the best images and the right vinyl surfaces, if you slip up on the basics of digital printing, your end product will be ruined. To this end, make use of a service provider able to provide you with:

  • Small- and large-format print services, specifically for the different types of vinyl surfaces
  • Premium-quality vinyl for the particular type of print and application
  • Expertise in design to help you get optimal value from the prints

Some of the important factors for success with prints on various vinyl surfaces are explained below. Read on to discover tips and information to help you get best results if you want to print on vinyl or want to send your designs to us to have them printed. See the types of vinyl print surfaces and options available from us.

Apply Quality Checks and Edits Before Sending Your Designs for Prints

Even the best digital printing cannot hide spelling and grammar mistakes that detract from your brand’s message and which can do more harm than good for your company’s image. Have an editor check the wording for spelling mistakes, especially because the prints are usually meant to be seen by many people. Proofread and proofread again before the printing is commissioned. Also check once the surfaces have been printed.

Check for Readability

It is sad, but all too often, companies spend thousands on adverts for their campaigns, but the font sizes, background colours, and wording layouts render their campaigns unsuccessful. If people cannot easily see the messages or the images given are of poor quality, you can expect mediocre results with your visual ad campaigns. Enquire from the digital print team what the image resolution should be for the size of print you have in mind, especially if these images must go on larger surfaces.

The finer and more delicate fonts that look great on a computer do not work for vinyl prints, which are usually made to be viewed from a distance. Choose a bold font for improved visibility and readability on vinyl block-out prints.

Understand the Difference Between CMYK and RGB

To get bright and highly visible colours on vinyl for outdoor use, it is imperative to convert colours to CMYK. Vinyl is rather difficult when it comes to colours, even with the advances in digital printing.

RGB settings do not give you a true representation of colours without light from the back. If the print files are set according to RGB, you will be disappointed with the outcome on vinyl. The colours will not be as bright as they seemed on computer. To achieve the best and long-lasting bright and crisp images on vinyl, make sure you convert the images to CMYK colours before you send the files to the print team.

Printer Bleed is as Relevant Today as Before Digital Printing

Do not forget to add a bleed in the design to ensure the prints come out as intended instead of being cut off. Fortunately, when you make use of our design and print specialists, we take care to add sufficient bleed, especially because we are used to printing banner walls on other large surfaces.

Understand the Print Surface and Choose Quality First

The print surface quality, in addition to the correct type of ink for the surface, can make or break the print. Not all inks work with vinyl and not all vinyl surfaces are the same. Buy quality vinyl, suitable for your particular surface application. Reach out for help in choosing the vinyl surface and your design, and for prints that will stand out for all the right reasons.

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