Display Banners

Versatile and Affordable Display Banners for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

At Podd Display, we provide you with various branding vehicles, including a comprehensive range of display banners for indoor and outdoor usage. The display banners can be used at corporate functions, special events, trade shows, at construction sites, developments, retail centres, resorts and as next-to-street banners.

We offer numerous outdoor display banners, such as:

  • Parasols – which are umbrellas for usage at restaurants, shows, sponsored events and markets.
  • Star tent – made from a stretch fabric, the banner has a Bedouin tent style and apart from providing shade and a booth space, it also has an exceptionally large branding surface.
  • Gazebo – use the gazebo as your display booth at markets and events. Brand the top and ensure that the gazebo becomes an advertising vehicle on its own.
  • Ex-up banner – the print surface is displayed at an angle. Easy to erect, put your advert on just about any outdoor or indoor surface.
  • Beach umbrella – sponsor beach umbrellas with your brand prominently printed on the surface for maximum exposure over the holiday periods.
  • Feather banner – with the banner taking up very little floor space, while its unique design attracts attention, the large print surface makes it one of the most economical display banners on the market today.
  • flying bannerFlying banner – often used next to rally courses, race areas and marathon end-lines, the banner has a flag-like character with a large print surface for branding.
  • Wing banner – similar to the feather and flying banner, it has the shape of an aeroplane wing.
  • A Frame Popup – easy to erect, it is the ideal display banner for golf days or for one-day promotions.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor exhibitions and usage in retail stores, you will love our range of pull-up banners.

With the retractable feature the banner can be stored in a rolled-up manner and the surface protected against accidental damage and environmental factors. With interchangeable print surfaces, you can save on advertising by just changing the printed messages and add such to the pull-up device. With the vertical design character of the banner, it takes up little floor space, making it well suited for usage in small spaces. We offer everything from mini pull-up banners to econo-lite and jumbo sized banners.

In addition to the various outdoor and pull-up banners, we also offer you the tension display banners. Also featuring the vertical design of the pull-up banners, these banners have the surfaces hang from secure points and anchored at the bases. You have a choice of Flexi-Delta, Tensalite and X Banner styles. Once again, save money with changes in your advertising or branding campaign by simply changing the print surfaces without having to replace the frame systems. Easy to erect, these display banners are portable, lightweight, compact in design for storage and durable.

Brand effectively outdoors with our hanging banners which provide your message with more exposure, as the banners are lifted higher up over the heads of people. This makes it possible for people at trade shows to see your booth from far. We offer everything from standard single or double-sided rectangular hanging banners, to the cylinder types for all-round branding and the shaped banner for maximum visibility and attention-grabbing capacity.

Together with our range of display banners, we offer display stands with printable surfaces. From the traditional pavement display to the lollipop and H-stand styles.

We furthermore offer quality full colour digital printing on the surfaces. Our design team has extensive experience and will work with you to make your brand as visible as possible. Expect quality, affordability and fast turnaround times when you order display banners from us at Podd Display.

View our full product range and contact us to discuss your display needs and to obtain accurate quotes.