Display Walls

Building Effective Impact with Display Walls

If you tend to promote your brand or business at regular intervals at trade shows, corporate events or exhibitions, you will know how important it is to build displays that have maximum visual impact. The power of display enables your brand to get out there, to be visible and to be recognised. For the brand to be recognised, it is important for it to be highly visible and to create a specific impression that represents the identity, culture and values of the brand. Creating the display should take all these things into consideration, and there are various types of media that can be utilised to get value for money from your display, including display walls, portable exhibition stands, banners and flags.

The opportunities and possibilities for building great impressions with the use of printed media and graphic content is virtually limitless, and the use of display walls is only one of the media that can be exploited to increase the visual power of your display. Before creating the exhibition or having the display graphics printed, the objective of the display has to be thoroughly considered. If it forms part of an exhibit, the wall displays could be used to create a story or to complement a theme that will attract and entertain the audience. Exhibitions and events are no longer just events; they have to create an experience for the audience, in order to remain memorable and to retain visibility.

Keeping the target audience in mind is vital – displays have to be specifically aimed at the market for the best concept traction. Often graphics are used, but quotes or information can also be put to very good use and be made memorable. The wall displays can also be used to demarcate an area, but to truly market the contents of the area and the brand it represents, display walls have to feed into the message that has to come across and build on this. Display walls are very effective at attracting customers from outside the demarcation and entertaining them inside the area. The kind of impressions made will depend on the contents of the displays, and printed wall graphics can easily be used to deliver a corporate message that increases the strength of a brand, while also providing the audience with something cool and artistic to appreciate.

It is essential that the physical space of the stand is aligned with the brand that it represents, and often trained professionals are needed to create displays for maximum effect. It is no longer feasible to just print a company logo or product graphics; the days of boring display walls are over. Nowadays, they are used for much more than demarcation, and form a very high profile visual tool for promotion and brand empowerment.

To find out more about how you can harness the power of your display walls to benefit your brand, give our professional team at Podd Display a call, and we will help you to create an experience for your audience!