Easy and Secure Snap Frames

Rock Your Brand Visibility with the Use of Easy and Secure Snap Frames

If you have a brand or message that you would like to display and you haven’t heard of snap frames, you are missing out! These frames are effective at displaying anything from product information to promotions, events, photos, and posters.

Snap frames are often used for advertising purposes and can be attached to virtually any vertical surface. This removes the risk of damage being caused to the image, a poster being defaced, or graphics being ruined. Snap frames are usually constructed of aluminium and are designed to be lightweight. This prevents the frame from falling down from the wall, which is what may happen with other, heavier frame designs.

How Snap Frames Work

Snap frames are specifically designed to be easy to open and shut. This means that they can be snapped open and another image inserted in a short space of time. This changes the display in seconds. While it is easy to open them and replace images, it may be just as easy for others to open the display and deface or remove the poster, which is why lockable snap frames were invented. These units have specialised locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorised people from opening up the units. They need a specific key tool to open the frames, so it is virtually impossible to open without this custom-made tool. If the person is in possession of this particular tool, the lock can be opened in seconds to replace the interior with another image.

Snap frames are designed to be resilient, durable, and secure, and the anti-glare glass or Perspex cover prevents glare from sunshine, and bleaching or fading because of the sun. This makes them very practical to use outdoors and indoors. Because the new units are so light, they are easy to use and will not cause damage to walls or other vertical surfaces upon which they are mounted.

Where Can Snap Frames Be Used?

There is virtually no limit to where snap frames can be used effectively. Some advertising companies use them at the back of doors in public bathrooms to display and advertise certain clients’ products, and some use larger poster frames to announce promotions, events, and brands.

Some snap frames can be backlit. This means that a lightbox is placed behind the poster inside the frame, and this will light up the image in darker environments, making it a lot more noticeable and readable. Because there are so many different styles and shapes to choose from, these units are a practical way of displaying a brand, product, or service

If you are looking for a secure and effective way of displaying your particular brand, snap frames are the way to go. They are durable, prevent fading, and decrease the risk of damage from vandals. Give our team at Gawk a call to find out more. We will be happy to help you make a choice that will work for your business.