Exhibition Display Stands

Exhibition Display Stands May Serve Multiple Purposes

Exhibition display stands can vary quite widely both in their purpose and their appearance, although they are generally intended to achieve one common goal – the promotion of a brand together with the products and or services with which it is associated or wishes to be associated with. Apart from playing their most obvious role at trade shows and various sponsored events, these structures are also to be found in retail outlets, hotels and theatres as well as in the lobbies of corporate offices.

In such locations their message may be much the same or it may be aimed at some more specific purpose such as creating awareness of a new event or product. Let us look more closely at each of the three main locations in which, typically, one is likely to encounter these highly effective exhibition display stands.

At the Trade Show

In addition to those events designed to capture the attention of the general public such as the annual Rand Easter Show, automobile and boat shows, there are numerous events aimed at specialists and selected professional groups within the community. For their interest, specific events hosted by pharmaceutical companies, medical, dental and veterinary firms are commonplace although somewhat less widely publicised.

In most instances, a dedicated event venue will be employed and a suitable space in which to establish a display must be rented from the organisers. At the more prestigious events and locations, the rental cost can be quite high and, as a result, those companies that are confined to smaller areas will then be limited with regard to their choice of exhibition display stands. However, with the aid of modular components now available, it will normally be possible for them to assemble a structure that will provide them with most of the facilities that they are likely to need despite the smaller space.

For the larger company with a less restrictive budget, the end result of its efforts can often be quite spectacular. Illuminated backdrops, audio visual display kiosks, elegant brochure racks and a smart counter from which to dispense tea, coffee, cool drinks or perhaps something stronger, all combine to make the visitor’s experience a compelling one, as well as to reinforce the solid dependability of the exhibitor’s brand. The counter, incidentally, might also provide the perfect surface with which to facilitate that all-important signature on a contract.

At Supermarkets and other Retail Outlets

Exhibition display stands used in such locations tend to be deployed more for sales purposes than for marketing. They may, however, also be used to achieve both functions when, for instance, they are used by a wholesaler to merchandise branded goods within supermarket chains that are quite distinct from the house brands. These are known as point of sales stands as the customer will select the items directly from the display. Typically they are displayed on aisle-ends or in some other location where they will have the best possible visibility.

Often, this type of unit will be employed to promote a new DVD, a best-selling novel or a new fragrance and the product will be arrayed against a background of vivid illustrations designed first to catch the customer’s attention, then to pique his or her interest and finally to facilitate the purchase decision.

At Corporate Offices and other Business Sites

In such locations, exhibition display stands are often a permanent feature and only their particular message will vary from time to time. The most obvious need for this type of rotation is to be found in theatres, cinemas and other places of entertainment, where programmes will usually change on a weekly basis. The most common vehicles for this purpose are free-standing, static units or light boxes. Given an upcoming movie premier, for instance, a more elaborate display may be called for. However, to ensure conformity across all outlets, this will most often be supplied by the distributor and suited for once-off use only.

On the corporate scene, the need is often for re-enforcement purposes and displays at these premises will often reiterate the company values and perhaps its aims and objectives. However for the potential client arriving in the lobby, they also provide an effective means to create awareness of a new product or service, or simply to reveal a little more about those that are currently available. Literature dispensers and audio-visual display kiosks can prove ideal in this role.

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