Fabric Tensioning Display System

9 Advantages of Using a Fabric Tensioning Display System for Your Project

Many corporate and commercial projects rely on effective branding. Effective branding requires bold, clear messaging that supports the mission of the project, while also being commercially viable. Costs involved need to be balanced with the returns of the project in order to make it a successful venture. Given these requirements, a fabric tensioning display system and the benefits it offers provide an innovative solution that meets the demands of a business.

What is a Fabric Tensioning Display System?

These types of displays make use of screen-printing techniques on stretched fabric, which is mounted on a modular framework that can be reconfigured as the needs of the campaign, the campaign space, or the campaign itself changes. It is a functional display system that is a great solution for events, displays, expos, and launches, to name a few.

What are the advantages of a fabric tensioning display system?

  1. It Is Easy to Install

With its modular approach, a fabric tensioning display system is very easy to install and requires no additional tool for the setup process.

  1. It Is Easy to Transport

The configuration comes apart in a number of easy to pack and carry pieces, which makes even a large display easy to transport from venue to venue.

  1. It Is Easy to Replace

Let’s face it – things do go wrong sometimes. If a part of this setup gets damaged or lost, it is easy to replace the missing part without having to recreate the entire fabric tensioning display system.

  1. Make It Come to Life

The fabric tensioning display system can easily be backlit to create focus points and make the entire setup come to life.

  1. It Is High Quality

The printing is of excellent quality, and can be done in the full spectrum of colour. This means you can meet all your brand guidelines and ensure that your marketing communication is professional and on point.

  1. It Is Cost-Effective

Producing an entire stand can be costly, and having to replace this or start fresh for each event diminishes your return on investment. Because of its modular nature, a fabric tensioning display system can be reused time and time again, and only the outdated parts need to be replaced as and when necessary.

  1. It is Highly Customisable

You do not have to be confined to a small selection of templates. Rather, you can create a great, dynamic environment at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build a custom set from scratch.

  1. It Is Durable

Both the structure and the printed surfaces are highly durable. Also, because of its easy setup and transport, it is less prone to damage.

  1. It Does Not Crease

Creasing looks unprofessional and creates a negative impression of your brand. Unlike many other screen solutions, the printed surfaces can easily be folded, stored, and transported without creasing. The tension ensures that surfaces are smooth and look great, time and time again.

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