Foot Pump Sanitiser

Foot Pump Sanitiser

Where to Find a Durable Foot Pump Sanitiser


Whether you run a shop, provide a service to the public, or own a business that employs a team of people, you have a responsibility to ensure that the environment is safe for these people. Ensuring this safety, however, has become more challenging as the world finds itself in the throes of a global pandemic. One simple, yet highly effective measure is to introduce a foot pump sanitiser at the entrance(s) to your premises.

Sanitising your hands helps tremendously towards curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, we’re used to the conventional hand-held sanitisers, which isn’t the ideal solution when you’re in a situation where you’re actively trying to avoid exposure through touching. This is why Gawk supplies a foot pump sanitiser – to enjoy the benefits of sanitising your hands without the added risk of handling an item that numerous people have touched before you.


Additional Uses


Aside from dispensing hand sanitiser, you can also use this foot pump device for a number of other purposes, including:


  • Sauce dispenser: This device provides a more hygienic option for sauce dispensing at takeaway restaurants and canteens, as it eliminates the need for users to touch it with their hands.


  • Soap dispenser: In addition to using sanitiser, washing your hands is a vital activity in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Make it even safer and more effective by replacing your hand-operated soap dispensers with one of these foot


  • Lotion dispenser: The same solution can be used for dispensing hand lotion. Whether it’s for use in a public bathroom or for employees in an environment where they are at risk of dry skin, this foot pump dispenser provides a great alternative.


Other Products Related to Public Hygiene and Safety


Gawk is first and foremost an innovative visual marketing leader, bringing creative and effective solutions to brands that capture attention and drive action. Given the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic and the challenges we face as a community, we are doing our part by repurposing our ideas and products to help fight the virus, while still providing businesses and the public alike with beneficial solutions. In addition to our foot pump sanitiser, we also supply:


  • Branded masks: Masks are another important part of our arsenal against the pandemic. As an employer, you should look after the health of your staff by supplying them with masks. And, with masks being in high demand and used widely, this is also a great opportunity to show your support by supplying your customers or clients with branded face masks.


  • Digikiosk: Data is vital to promote our understanding of the spread of the virus, and to inform our actions to curb the spread. The Digikiosk is a secure tablet kiosk that is ideal for use as a data capturing terminal for COVID-19 compliance purposes.


To find out more about our foot pump sanitiser and related products that support a healthy environment, as well as to request a quote, get in touch with the team at Gawk.