Framing Company Gauteng

Choose the Right Type of Framing

Framing companies in Gauteng are a dime a dozen, which is why you need to be very discerning when it comes to picking one you can partner with. Framing is a very delicate process and the company you partner with should take every care to deliver an expertly executed frame that will bolster the features of your hard-earned qualification or achievement. They should also take care to ensure that your certificates remain fully intact and do not incur any damage in the process.

But before we go in too much detail about the company, let’s have a look at the many different options of framing to consider when looking for a specific type of frame.

Straight On Framing

A popular type of framing is the regular straight on framing. This framing option will have the certificate placed on a back board and the frame placed directly around the certificate with no border. As with all our framing, great care is taken to ensure that a perfect job is done.

Single Border Framing

The second type of framing is slightly more creative and is known as single border framing. You will get to choose a colour from one of our many different sample matt boards in either gloss or matt finish for the single border framing. The second thing that you will need to decide is the size of the border that you want around your certificate. The certificate is then placed on its back board as with a straight on mounting. The certificate will then be placed in the frame of your choice and cut to the desired size with the glass, leaving you with a beautifully framed certificate featuring a quality border.

Double Border Framing

The third type of framing is done the exact same way as described above, but instead of choosing one single colour for the border you will have two borders. This is then known as double border framing. Let’s explain: you will have your certificate mounted on the backboard, which is bordered by the first border and your second border, the second being slightly smaller than your first border and then only then will the certificate be framed.

Floating Glass framing

The next type of framing is a challenging frame for some framing companies in Gauteng, but not for seasoned professionals like Podd Display. Many people consider this type of framing to be the most elegant as well as the most suited type of framing for many corporate certificates. This type of framing is known as floating glass framing.

Floating glass framing does not entail any Masonite or back boarding. This framing consists of double glass with the frame and the certificate wedged in between the two pieces of glass. The floating glass framing technique will also require you to choose the size of the border around the certificate. So, from back to front you will have your first piece of glass, your certificate, second piece of glass and then the frame which is fitted around all three.

As mentioned above, the floating glass frame is always a winner for a corporate certificate. The glass creates an elegant look. You will also be able to choose between two types of glass with all our different framing techniques. Your two choices are matt glass and regular glass. Matt glass is normally reserved for those certificates that are printed in gloss or have a metallic seal or sticker on them. The reason for this is that the matt reduces the glare on the certificate and makes it easier to see all the details of the certificate. For matt certificates, regular gloss glass is fine.

If you are looking for a corporate framing company in Gauteng that offers you more than just ordinary framing, you have definitely come to the right place! Here at Podd Display we also do advertising and branding in all forms. We will design your certificates, print them and then frame them with the framing type of your choice… and believe us when we say that you are spoilt for choice. Give us a call today and let our friendly and expert staff help you with your framing or advertising needs.