Framing Services Gauteng

Framing Services in Gauteng are Invaluable to Companies and Consumers Alike

When considering one of the many framing services operating in Gauteng, the average individual is likely to be after something suitable for a family photograph, a print of a favourite pop star or sportsman or perhaps the means to show off a cherished academic certificate.  At the commercial level, however, the scope for decorative mounts in all manner of materials and designs is far greater and the range of products that is available today for marketing and advertising purposes alone is surprisingly extensive.

Even for the domestic user, there is now a wealth of choice when deciding upon how best to display grandma’s portrait or junior’s 50 metre freestyle record certificate. Typically, he or she will be able to select from a number of different mouldings in wood, plastic or metal and with gloss or matte finishes in a variety of different shades.

Probably the next consideration when consulting one of the framing services in Gauteng will be to decide whether or not to opt for a border and, if so, what form it should take. Although borderless mounts are a common choice, there is little doubt, that the inclusion of a border can often lend extra impact to the final display and most suppliers can offer the choice of a double or single border.

Incidentally, a border does not need to be opaque in order to be effective. Floating glass mounts add a touch of elegance without distracting from their contents and therefore serve to ensure that the contained item remains the focus of attention. Clearly, these are most suitable for use on plain walls and their more formal appearance makes them an ideal choice with which to display professional qualifications such as those commonly exhibited in medical, dental and legal practices.

The demand for framing services by businesses in Gauteng is the highest in the country although, given that the province is the location of the nation’s two largest cities and that, together, they house the nation’s main financial and industrial hub, this is not too surprising. While many of the corporate offices in the region could rival some of the country’s dedicated galleries in terms of the artwork displayed in their foyers and boardrooms, the bulk of their need will often centre on their advertising and marketing activities. For these purposes, this industry now offers its clients a wealth of innovative and highly effective display solutions.

With the options to display materials such as paper posters or printed fabrics and even to incorporate the means to provide backlighting, the main considerations for users are whether it is meant for indoor or outside use, how the chosen frame must be supported and just how large the proposed display will be. Supplying this type of product is largely dealt with by the more specialised framing services in Gauteng and should, ideally, involve a preliminary and fairly detailed examination of specific needs by the provider in order to recommend the most appropriate solution for the end user in his or her proposed application.

To meet the many possible criteria that are set by users with widely differing needs, these products must be made available in a number of different formats and, once again it is only the specialist suppliers such as ourselves at Podd Display that have the capacity to offer products with the high degree of flexibility and versatility needed to meet all the contingencies.

While these may be little more than a square or rectangular, wall-mounted structure in which to fit a picture or poster, those models that are intended for outdoor use and available from various framing services in Gauteng or elsewhere around South Africa, will usually be required to include their own means of support. The more basic free-standing products could, perhaps, be of the folding, sandwich-board type or, alternatively, they may be equipped with feet.

For more sophisticated displays, such as those used by companies for trade exhibitions, product launches and various other promotional activities, exceptional versatility is commonly the most important need. In this type of situation, entire 3-dimensional displays may be needed and so multiple frames in variable configurations offer the perfect solution. Most importantly, users need to know that only the very best raw materials have been used in their frames and that they have purchased a durable product that promises them the prospect of long service.

For such assurances, the sensible choice when shopping for framing services in Gauteng is Podd Display.