Gawk Digital Printing

The Rise of Digital Printing

Today, it is fair to say that digital printing is what most expect when they commission a print job. It might not be self-evident to those outside of the industry, but there was a time when digital played second fiddle to most other options. That was just a reality of the available tech at the time, and like many hi-tech things, digital printing evolved. Remember when dot matrix printers were the default office printers at one stage? What has been quite spectacular is the pace of digital’s rise to prominence. It may be a moot point for technology workers who manufacture hi-tech equipment, but it is quite a feat when you consider digital printing’s humble origins, and just how empowering it is for modern business today.

The sky is the limit, it seems, especially when it comes to large format printing. Although it is a potent solution to small-volume quality prints like business cards and the like, it really shows its class in a large format. Today, it is quick (there are none of the pre-print inputs of conventional methods like film plates and rubber blankets), as digital needs no setting up. Having shed its manual demands, it is quick on its feet and it produces a sharp, quality finish.

What Modern Printing Demands

That should really read “what modern consumers demand of printing”, and with ever-growing format sizes and almost 3D effects desired at times by customers, the list keeps growing. No one will deny that speed is a baseline of business today. It might have seemed cool but unnecessary decades ago, but a quick pace is now standard around the globe, at least in those companies that want to be around in the future. For that reason alone, the fact that digital eliminates the legacy protocols everyone associated with printing before makes it an inevitable first choice in today’s business environment. Who has not suddenly had to print something?

Digital is a fast method and its speed comes without compromise on quality or the final effect. Indeed, this type of printing is a preferred methodology when talking about quality prints today, and its versatility is another reason for its rise to prominence. People probably scoffed at Ford’s Model T as a nice try that had no hope of ever replacing the horse and cart, and we all know what happened after that. Digital printing was viewed as a poor cousin too, but today, it pretty much defines the industry.

Gawk Is Printing at Its Best

We have not only witnessed the evolution of digital printing with our own eyes, but we have driven it here at home. We only compete against ourselves. You, the customer, tell us how we are doing, and our only competition is our performance yesterday, last week, last month, and last year. That is the kind of intense pursuit of quality that modern digital printing enables, and it is the kind that will make every single print project of yours great.

We have been voted the most boring guest at dinner parties, because all we want to talk about are printing and displays, and we are unambiguously dedicated to doing long-term business with you, because of the great results that we give you. To print something can be fun, dynamic, spectacular, and affordable, and all it takes is a phone call or email to allow us to show you how. We are a go-to institution for exhibitors and companies of all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of needs. Call on us and let us show you what great quality looks like.