Gazebo Displays – Perfect for Outdoor Branding

Gazebo Displays Can Be the Perfect Choice for Outdoor Branding

There’s no doubting the fact that gazebos as a form of marketing hold numerous benefits, which we’ll briefly discuss below.

An Invaluable Tool for Sponsors

It is an increasingly common practice for companies to promote their wares through sponsorship of sporting and other open-air events at which gazebo displays and alternative types of shelter are often used to provide the perfect medium for an outdoor branding exercise. In major events such as an international rugby match or golf tournament, the sponsorship bill will run into millions and only the world’s giant brands will be positioned to vie for opportunities of this magnitude. At grass roots level, however, there are scores of alternative openings in the form of various high school sporting events, corporate golf days and open-air exhibitions to whet the appetites of small to medium and even larger enterprises.

However, the applications for this form of marketing are certainly not confined to third-party sponsorships. Automotive companies, for instance, will often conduct open days for the entertainment of their existing customers and as a means of attracting new ones. Similar opportunities will often present at events such as an agricultural show where an appropriately designed gazebo display can provide an alternative to the indoor hospitality suite and the perfect tool for some effective outdoor branding. For the entrepreneur, they could provide the ideal means to draw attention to your presence at an informal market.

Offering Numerous, Practical Applications

It is the practical nature of these structures that is largely responsible for their effectiveness as a marketing tool. Unlike a banner they are intended as a base from which to provide some useful function that extends beyond that of simply reinforcing a corporate image or promoting a new product. They represent a rallying point from which a company may dispense a range of valuable support services. This could amount to nothing more complex than providing a welcome respite from the heat of the midday sun or a shelter from a sudden downpour, yet either will be much appreciated by those who may find themselves faced with such a need.

One of the more common uses for these gazebo displays, in addition to providing a perfect medium for outdoor branding, is to provide the infrastructure for a watering hole, located perhaps on one or more of the 18 holes to be played during a corporate golf day or, alternatively, at an official check point in a cycle race, a motor rally or a fun run. In this role, you can be sure that the thirsty competitors will have their eyes peeled for a glimpse of your corporate colours and that your service will be remembered with gratitude – an important factor in reinforcing brand recognition.

A Trusted Supplier

Podd Displays is a business based in Benoni that has been providing South African companies and organisations with units such as these as well as a wide variety of alternative display equipment for around 20 years. During that time we have earned the status of a market leader and a reputation for offering both quality products and value for money – something of a rare combination in today’s less buoyant economy.

It will take only a brief inspection of our gazebo displays to see why they are considered so perfect for outdoor branding purposes. They are available in various sizes and styles and are of robust design. Made of fully waterproof material and pre-printed to your desired design they are quick to erect and can be easily transported using the carry bag that is provided as standard.  For those who may be in need of something larger, we can also offer our Ex-Dome product. It has been designed specifically to provide the greater headroom and increased shade cover that some clients require as well as ensuring that their marque should remain visible even at those more crowded events.

Something to Suit All Budgets

Of more modest dimensions and price than the Ex-Dome or gazebo displays they are still very highly effective for outdoor branding, is our range of digitally printed parasols and umbrellas. The former are free-standing waterproof structures that are supported by a sturdy stem and base and although they offer only a limited amount of shelter they are sufficiently eye-catching to ensure that their marketing message should attract plenty of attention.

At Podd Displays, we are happy to advise anyone who is considering effective advertising options and can assist them in creating the quality artwork that will ensure that, if they choose a gazebo display, it will be perfect for their outdoor branding needs.