iPad Kiosk Technology

iPad Kiosk Technology – Improved Retailer Service Delivery to In-store Customers

Today’s consumers expect more from retailers. They’re no longer content with only static displays and printed media. Having access to self-help services and being able to quickly locate more information about a product or service are important considerations. They’re used to smartphones and mobile operation in the form of iPads.  With such, it has become necessary to step-up the retail service delivery game and the iPad kiosk is the perfect vehicle for doing so.

The iPad kiosk enclosures, whether floor standing or countertop, offer consumers and retail owners several benefits, some of which are briefly described below.

Improved Privacy

Consumers have more options in the way that they can purchase and have more information available. Where before they would have needed to speak to sales people on the floor to get more information about products, they can now browse the product categories to find prices and detailed information about products in-store, before having to make buying decisions. Although customers most probably still want to speak to sales consultants, they do get the opportunity to locate and compare products, if they prefer not having pressure in making buying decisions.

Faster Customer Service

Floor personnel are not always available when customers need information. Many customers subsequently leave the store without making a purchase because they want to speak to a sales person about the products before they buy. With the additional digital kiosks, such as the iPad kiosk, they are able to get much needed information while waiting for a sales person, or may not even need to speak to a sales person before making a purchase.

Reduce Staffing Overheads

The iPad kiosk or several such kiosks can be placed at the relevant products or at a strategically placed self-help desk. With such in place, sales consultants on the floor can give more attention to one or two customers at a time, because they don’t have to rush to assist waiting customers. Without such kiosks, the retailer needs more sales people on the floor to ensure that customers can be assisted when they need help.

Improved Knowledge Sharing

Unfortunately, not all sales people know their products, services, store-layout and customers the way they’re supposed to. Lack of product knowledge means sales losses. Some customers may only need directions to product locations, while others want comprehensive information. Retailers with large stores and wide product ranges need to train their personnel extensively to ensure that they can assist customers professionally.  Training costs money and even with the training provided, the sales people may not have all the answers. However, the iPad kiosk or several of the digital kiosks stationed throughout the store can serve as knowledge centres. With these kiosks, customers can get technical information, do comparisons, locate the products in store and even make direct purchases.

Give your customers more choices, better information and improved customer service with the iPad kiosk. View our range of enclosures and stands specifically for iPads and related mobile devices.