iPad/Tablet Kiosks

Two Ways iPad or Tablet Kiosks Can Benefit Your Business

If you are in the retail industry in Pretoria, then you know just how tough it is competing with competitors and interacting with customers, with everyone vying for the attention of the buying public. Retailers and traders understand the importance of customer interaction, which is why they are constantly looking for faster, better and more interactive ways to engage with customers. The bottom line is that customer interaction is important. It converts prospects into buyers, and there is no better way to interact with customers than with the use of digital technology.

Highly esteemed as the new way of retail, digital technology has revolutionised the in-store shopping experience by improving and supplementing the customer experience. But retailers cannot just leave tablets randomly lying around the shop floor, which is why we now have specialised iPad and tablet kiosks. If you are new to the idea of iPad/tablet kiosks, here are two ways in which these marketing superstars can benefit your business:

#1 Customer Feedback Provides Insight

Yes, customer interaction is vital in today’s overcrowded marketplace and it affords one the opportunity to sell not just your product or service, but also your brand. It remains one of the best ways to generate better consumer loyalty that in turn ensures repeat business. Knowing what customers think about your store, your products and your brand is vital in order to learn what your customers want and to help you improve your business; to this end, and in-store ipad/tablet kiosks are the best way to acquire this information. Optimising your time and making the most of the limited time available to interact with your customers, these brilliant marketing devices offer the best way to measure customer satisfaction and can help improve customer retention, saving your company plenty in money and resources.

#2 Prevent Customer Walkouts with In-store Navigation and a Catalogue

Turning a tablet into a versatile workstation or customer information centre gives customers the ability to buy products online that are not available in the store, and it also helps customers navigate to specific areas in the store. iPad or tablet kiosks are a fantastic tool that can hugely increase customer sales, prevent customer walkouts, compare products (whether you have them in stock or not), showcase different ways products can be used and worn, highlight promotions, and create a sophisticated and convenient shopping experience.

Although nothing new in the retail environment, many retailers are only now realising the many benefits of iPads and tablet kiosks. A sleek, simple, portable, cost-effective and interactive way to advertise promotions, boost loyalty programmes, collect leads, enhance the customer experience, get customer feedback, help customers find what they are looking for, offer information about certain products and track products from other branches, these brilliant marketing devices win buyers and keep those buyers returning.

The success of any exhibition stand – whether at a trade show, expo or in your in-store – greatly depends on the creativity of the exhibition stand designer. So, if you are looking for the perfect kiosk for your iPad or tablet, then allow us at Podd Display to provide it for you. Combining originality, functionality and creativity with a vast knowledge of the retail environment and the exhibition and trade show circuit, we know exactly what it takes to strengthen a brand.

In business for over a decade and as the leading players in exhibition display architecture, our team of designers and craftsmen have achieved remarkable success in delivering sleek, robust, durable and flexible display hardware such as booths, counters, shell mounts, straight walls, totems, towers, wall mounts, brochure holders, light boxes, and iPad/tablet kiosks that can both complement any marketing campaign and benefit any business. To find out more about our portable iPad and tablet kiosks, chat to us today.