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Modern Exhibition Stands

Today’s Modern Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions might once have seemed unusual, but it is remarkable how they have now become part and parcel of business all over the globe. They have become a known entity, and the extent of interaction between B2B or B2C parties has also grown on the back of vastly more modern, savvy exhibition stands. Today’s exhibitor has so much more at their disposal to render stands smart and impressive by design.

Some things demand full commitment, and exhibitions are one of them. No point erecting a shabby stand at any exhibition you found worthwhile to attend – a certain baseline presentation is required, no matter the size of the organisation. For B2C businesses, very much as consumers keep raising their expectations based on new tech or services in play, so too does the average exhibition visitor expect the new modern standard to saturate the presentation overall.

Exhibition Stands Need to Be Sleek and Attractive

Never forget that even if you have a product that sells itself, consumers feel that the effort you put into your exhibition stand both speaks about what kind of organisation you are, as well as how you feel about them. Your bespoke arena flatters them when you seek out their custom in such posh surroundings. Likewise, shabby stands just inspire “Meh!”

It is not about being contrived and glitzy, it is about smooth, clean lines, ready promotional intel of whatever nature, and good ergonomics. Ergonomics? Well, downplay it if you wish, but even if to a modest extent, cramped or poorly designed stands intimidate people. They do not want to feel trapped, and if you are selling B2C and Mr Citizen is your target market, you will want to either position yourself in front of a small stand or allow enough room for them to circle and exit in bigger stands, or see a clear path through the stand to the other side, and out.

It sounds silly, but just ask any direct marketer who is positioned themselves at the mall exit just how adept people are at avoiding you as soon as they feel restricted. Above all, stands that are enticing or welcoming simply get the most traffic. Give people space however you need to structure things, and let your presentation entice and welcome.

Gawk Rocks Exhibitions All Over SA

If you are looking to pick up on the hunger of a world starved of face-to-face interaction for months, get Gawk on your next project, and we will build an exhibition stand for you that will raise the bar. From printing to the bulk construction, through to display paraphernalia and promotional gifts, we have got you covered. Call on us to make your next show stand something special!