Mzansi Ubuntumasks

Mask up for Mzansi: Ubuntumasks Now Available Through Gawk

We are not going to make light of a situation this serious – the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has wreaked havoc on South African society. That said, this was another prime example of the resilience of the people of South Africa, and our spirit of ubuntu. We have come together, and while there have been losses and suffering, we have risen as a nation to support each other and pull through this crisis. One of the ways we show we care and make a difference is how well we have adopted the wearing of PPE (personal protection equipment). Ubuntumasks is now aiming to make this even more comfortable and reminiscent of our local people.

While we certainly believe in the efficacy of face masks and the need for all of us to wear these when we interact with each other to protect ourselves, each other, and most importantly, the most vulnerable members of our community, it is a fact that not all face masks are designed equally. Some of them can be quite uncomfortable and leave much to be desired in terms of the cover it provides. Ubuntumasks are made from fabric and provide a full-face fit. Instead of those harsh elastics that feel like they are going to pull your ears off, these fit around your head and come with an adjustable toggle to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

What makes Ubuntumasks even better is the range of bright patterns in which it is available. Ubuntumasks not only capture our spirit of humanity, but also the fun and energy we embody as a nation. Nothing will quell our vibrant personalities – not even a pandemic.

Now, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to look after your staff. Not only because the Disaster Management Act requires you to do so, but also because your staff is the most important part of your business. Staff members are the people that share the same dream as you and are making this dream a reality.

Ubuntumasks are the most comfortable face masks to wear for a full shift. Also, you can get these masks with custom branding, to create a united image for your team, and to show the world that your business is an active participant in this fight for a better, healthier future for all.

You can now order your branded Ubuntumasks through Gawk. We also offer face shields, hand sanitiser, and a selection of other products to help your business create a safe environment for both your staff and customers. Get in touch with our team for more information.