Podd Display and About Us

Podd Display – Learn More About Us

We understand the importance of knowing the background to your supplier and as such, we have briefly told you more about us below.


Podd Display came into being in 2006 with the specific aim to meet the requirements of clients regarding exhibition and display marketing products of high quality at affordable prices. We didn’t just want to ensure affordability. For us it is about quality, relevancy, durability and affordability, combined with superb customer service.

We make it our business to understand client requirements and part of this process is to understand the client’s business and the purpose for investing in exhibition and display materials.

Thus, when you thus make use of Podd Display products, you have the assurance of relevancy for your specific display purposes and branding requirements.

Our roots in the exhibition and display industries go back three decades and as such, we have a proven track record of understanding the industry and display requirements. The Podd Display founders have aimed to ensure a culture of ongoing innovation and development of strong supplier relationships, in addition to a culture of focussing on client satisfaction. As such, we never compromise on service, although we always strive for fast turnaround times.

About the Podd Display Philosophy

Your expectations count and that’s why we tailor our systems to ensure that we can meet and exceed your expectations. This also means regular re-evaluation of our processes, to ensure that we can meet changing demands and can deliver the latest technologies on a consistent basis.

We encourage our staff to walk a mile in the client’s shoes, in order to understand what is important in the design for the particular customer. We endeavour to meet our own high standards of service delivery with every order that we receive.

About our Clients

For us at Podd Display, it is not about the size of the client’s purse, but about the ability to meet individual and corporate client requirements with the same level of proficiency throughout. We know that satisfied customers become returning clients. This means that we take every project seriously, whether it is an order for a roll-up banner or a complete exhibition stand.

Environmental Responsibility

Knowing how printing can leave a large footprint on the environment, we ensure that we minimise our footprint through the usage of technology that supports such. Most of our digital printing is done using latex wide format printers. With water-based latex having a biologically inert character, we thus insure safety for the printer operators. This also means no toxic fumes from the printing process.

We strive to mainly use hardware display products made from sustainable materials. With an environmentally responsible operations ethic, we thus commit to sustainable printing practices.

Local Supply

Part of caring for the community and the development of the country is to ensure that you make use of local products.  At least 60% of the raw materials and products that we use and supply come from local manufacturers and suppliers. We try to source our products from manufacturers and suppliers within our immediate vicinity. This also means lower transport costs, faster delivery and reliability in supply.

Podd Display Process

Every project is unique, but using a system to address the project helps to ensure accountability and consistency. Our project system process entails:

  1. Define the project – discuss details with the client.
  2. Plan the project – assign resources and allocate time.
  3. Manage the process – review and adjust milestones and manage deadlines.
  4. Review the outcome – identify snags, ensure improvements and deliver products.

If you want consistent quality, relevant products, environmentally responsible processes, affordable pricing and a supplier that cares about the outcomes, then Podd Display is your answer.