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We could tell you that we have roots in the South African exhibition and display industry that go back more than 30 years. We could tell you that we that the bulk of our digital print output is produced using biologically inert latex inks, or that at least 50% of our raw materials, hardware, and products are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers. But what you really want to hear is how your business can benefit from a partnership with Podd Display, so we’ll tell you about that.

Collect Valuable Data with Low-maintenance Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks are more than a trend, and it’s more than a snazzy exhibition display. Kiosks have the ability to collect important market data that provides your business with insight into opportunities to enhance its business strategy. We have a range of secure kiosks able to accommodate various tablets for numerous marketing environments.

Take The Party to Your Consumers with Portable Display Architecture

The last thing you want to do is spend hours lugging around display architecture, and dedicate valuable man-hours to assembling and dismantling your booth. We know that. It’s also why we have made sure that you now have access to a great range of portable tradeshow booths that extend your budget without compromising on the visual impact of a well-presented exhibition stand.

Pop-up Walls That Stay In Your Consumers’ Minds

No one understand the importance of standing out in the crowd more than you do, and that is exactly what you’ll do with pop-up exhibition walls that are easy to erect and dismantle and, most importantly, durable and reusable. Pop-up walls form only a part of our display products catalogue, with other products including brochure stands, clip frames, Textstretch, and promo kiosks, to name a few.

Point-of-sale Design

Effective point-of-sale design involves a whole lot of insight into consumer psychology. It’s more than merely designing eye-catching packaging or placing products in an attractive display, and it’s a valuable opportunity to let your product take centre stage. We take impactful point-of-sale designs from conceptualisation to the design, project management, and installation. Go on, put us to the test.

Digital Printing for a Digital Age

It’s a fact no business can get away from – colourful media drives engagement among consumers. Wide-format digital printing is leading the way forward in the industry, as its extreme flexibility makes it ideal for use on a range of media that may include anything from stickers to billboards and everything in between. We use wide-format digital printing to make your brand shine in a sea of competitors.

Your Full-service Branding Agency

Take your branding message to your consumers with Podd Display and our full-service offering. With more than a decade’s experience behind us, and a collective 30 years of excellence in the display and exhibition industry among our management team, we’re your number one choice for innovative branding and display services. We work with corporations that require large-scale rollouts and repeat orders, to walk in clients in search of a tailored solution to their needs. It’s important for us to empower our clients with the latest solutions to help them distinguish themselves in the marketplace, and to draw the attention of their target audiences, however difficult a task that may seem to be in modern society.

By utilising the latest print technology without compromising the quality and ensuring materials are eco-friendly, we help our clients take their brands to the marketplace in an environmentally responsible way. We are truly a full-service agency capable of working with both the largest companies and the small start-ups. Contact Podd Display for more information on our innovative and forward-thinking solutions, and for the advice needed to make an informed business decision.