Point of Sale Displays

Importance and Benefits of Point of Sale Displays at Tradeshows

Point of sale displays hold several advantages for the tradeshow exhibitor, some of which are briefly discussed below.

Creating Visible Advertising

Tradeshows are all about visual promotions. If you don’t have brochures, brochure stands, pull-up or roll-up banners, wall displays and kiosks where people can get more information, you are wasting your time and money in exhibiting.

Many visitors to the tradeshows are not there to buy, but to get information in helping them to make informed decisions. They need physical material to take home, such as business cards and brochures, but at the same time, they also want as much information as possible at the show. For such, we recommend the branded digital kiosks for iPads and tablets. With the interactivity gained, ability to browse through menus, add contact details, ask quotes and get prices made available right there and then, you create visitor engagement and increase sales leads.

Improve Availability of Information for Increase in Sales

Think about a promo counter. Whenever you are in queue waiting to pay for the groceries, you check the adjacent shelves. More often than not, you will purchase more products from the shelves, some of which you don’t really need and most probably wouldn’t have bought if displayed on the normal shelves. The small products at the checkout point on the promo counter most certainly attract attention while you wait for the cashier to finish processing your purchases. The same holds true for the exhibition stand. If you create more points of display regarding information and products directly at your tradeshow promo counter, and all the way through the booth right up to the information counter or payment point, you increase the chances for more sales or at least lead generation.

Enhance the Overall Appearance of the Booth

Point of sale displays should be attractive and attention grabbing. Such displays add to the aesthetical appeal and the interest factor of your booth. Set up a dull looking booth with no specific interest points and you will see that people don’t even bother walking through. They linger at the entrance and then pass to go to another exhibitor. With well-designed, durable, attractive and highly functional point of sale displays, you can create show stoppers, giving your sales people time to interact with the visitors. Indeed, people do remember the attractive booths and associate such with your brand.

Whatever you do – never compromise on the quality of your point of sale displays. View our range of products, specials and services to see why so many tradeshow exhibitors get their POS displays from us. Contact us today to discuss your particular branding and POS material requirements.