Pop-up Display Units

A Guide to Pop-Up Display Units and Why You Should Use Them

Imagine the ability to set up a promotional display, an instant helpdesk, or corporate branding in a matter of minutes wherever you are. No hassle, no fuss. No need for tools or a team of handymen. Just like that. That is exactly the type of convenience you can expect from quality modern-day pop-up units. The type of unit does not even matter – whether we are talking about wall banners, kiosks, or full-on exhibition stands, you can find an innovative solution for each of these applications.

So, What Are These Pop-Up Units?

This term could refer to any type of temporary exhibition or point of sale display or stand that is quick and easy to set up, as opposed to a custom-built stand that requires construction using tools. Today, tension fabric displays on a modular frame structure is the most popular and effective professional pop-up display solution. The units can be in the form of banner walls, towers, totems, instant kiosks or counters, mounted displays, booths, or exhibition stands that consist of a combination of all of these.

What Are They Used For?

These nifty stands are exceptionally versatile. Some of the most popular environments where these are employed include:

  • *Conferences
  • *Trade shows and expos
  • *Exhibitions
  • *Retail environments, including window- and promotional displays
  • *Showrooms
  • *Pop-up shops, bars, and information stands
  • *Branded corporate events
  • *Themed office events

5 Great Reasons to Use Tension Fabric Pop-Up Display Units

  1. 1. They are lightweight for easy transport and compact, so that they can easily be stored without the risk of damage.


  1. 2. They are exceptionally quick and easy to assemble. There is no need for any tools or for a team of people struggling to erect it.


  1. 3. The fabric does not crease or crack, so it always looks great, and it is non-reflective, so it photographs very well. This is an important feature that is often overlooked in the planning process.


  1. 4. You can use them over and over. Because they are so durable and so easy to store, they are the perfect investment for reusing. Even when your visuals need to change, you can simply replace the fabric and keep the structure.


  1. 5. Digital printing on fabric results in very crisp colours and images, ensuring that your brand always looks professional.

A One-Stop Solution for Getting Your Custom Pop-Up Units

The Gawk team has the necessary expertise to help your brand achieve marketing success through innovative branding solutions.

We stock industry leading pop-up tension fabric display units for any and every occasion – from banner walls to counters to full exhibition stand solutions. What is more, we can also assist with professional stand design, as well as digital printing services, meaning that we are truly a one-stop solution for all your visual display needs. Talk to us to find out more about our incredible range of products and services, and what type of solution you are looking for. We will be more than happy to guide you to the perfect solution for your brand or project.