Pop-Up Display Walls

Recipes for Success for Trade Show Exhibiting

There are many variables and complexities associated with successful tradeshow exhibiting. This requires exhibitors to adopt a committed and contemplative focus to pull off a successful performance, and to set themselves apart on a crowded showroom floor. In order to ensure that this expensive and time-consuming endeavour evolves into a justifiable promotional endeavour, we have brought together some helpful tips to guide you along the way to success.

Think Sales

Whether it is your pop-up display walls, brochures, or other promotional copy, always keep the your buyer’s journey in mind. It all comes back to sales, and there are few functions in business as dynamic and exact as personal selling. Every aspect of your exhibit should work together to draw prospects to your booth, and it is your salesperson’s ultimate goal to convert those leads into sales.

Do Your Planning Early

Success at a tradeshow is never a given. It takes hard work and forethought, and plenty of planning. Provide everyone involved with the show an overview of products being presented, show service details and logistics, as well as display guidelines, appearance and operation. Believe us, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Determine How Much Space You Need

When you’re paying by the square metre for your booth, every centimetre counts. Take into account how much space your pop-up display walls and other displays need, as well as your counters and other furniture needed to deal comfortably with walk-in traffic, and you won’t end up paying extra for dead space.

Target Your Audience

Based on prior sales, business and tradeshow attendance experience, you should be able to establish realistic objectives and goals by asking yourself how many attendees are likely to purchase your products in the next six months. Use this number to help you determine your exhibit budgets and operational demands. This informs you what you have to work with in terms of attracting the correct person to your booth, and closing that sale without overextending your budget.

Trust Us with Your Quality Display Products Needs

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