Pop-Up Display Walls

Choose Pop-Up Display Walls for Portability, Economy and Maximum Impact

Pop-up display walls offer exhibitors a viable alternative to paying out big bucks, simply to rent a stand for an expo or similar event. Inevitably, once the occasion is over, it will be consigned to a dump, leaving them to repeat the process when the need to promote their brand at a presentation, conference or trade show arises the following year.

Designed for ease of assembly and dismantling after use, once dissembled, they are compact and light enough to be transported with ease. Their durable structure means that they can be stored without fear of damage when they are not required. This, in turn, means that they can be retrieved and reused whenever they are required, and so, automatically pay for themselves from the expenditure saved on rentals.

These versatile pop-up display walls are available in a variety of sizes and forms. This allows an exhibitor to choose the model that will be best suited to both the exhibition space made available to him or her by the organisers and to its relative position within the venue. In general, they consist of a supporting framework in the form of a folding trellis, usually of a lightweight aluminium alloy. When erected, the framework provides the surface to which the artwork will be attached, as well as the stability and support that allows the structure to be free standing.

While, in most cases, these units provide a flat display surface, some of the more sophisticated pop-up display walls have a frame that is equipped with pistons. This allows their surface profile to be adjusted, so as to create either a partially or fully-curved effect. Not only can this add considerably to the overall visual appeal of an exhibit, but their reduced width in the curved configuration also allows them to be used on occasions when the allocated stand space may be limited. To ensure that the artwork remains unaffected, even when rolled up and stored for long periods, the graphic panels are best made using polycarbonate.

These systems represent good value for money and there is no doubt that all pop-up display walls provide a very effective means with which to promote your brand. However, there will often be occasions when time and manpower are more limited than usual. The answer could be a model in which the digital print remains attached to the frame with Velcro, even when collapsed, and can be assembled or broken down, unassisted, and in less than a minute.

Used as the entire exhibit or to provide a backdrop to a counter or a kiosk, their versatility, economy and stunning visual impact makes these pop-up display walls an excellent investment.