Portable Branding Solutions

Retractable Banners are Affordable Portable Branding Solutions

Roll-up or retractable banners immediately come to mind when thinking of portable branding solutions. A large part of promotion and marketing is about visual branding. The challenge is to minimise the need for printing and setting up of new brand displays for every exhibition or show. As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep costs in check. You don’t want to compromise on the quality and impact of branding, but you also don’t want to overspend – leaving you with lower profits for every exhibition.

Pull-up banners make for the perfect portable branding solutions because the products come with interchangeable print surfaces. This allows you to save on the cost of structure replacement. Considering how much you normally pay just to create the display structure, you can already see how you will benefit from the usage of portable pull-up banners.

These banners can be printed on one or both sides, providing you with more flexibility in usage, as well as savings, since you can print a different message on the reverse side. In this way, you can change your displays significantly by mixing and matching the banners at various exhibitions. Of course, you can also print the same message on both sides for middle of the floor displays or to attract visitors from both sides of the exhibition aisle.

The banner surfaces come with UV protection for outdoor usage. This protects against premature fading and gives you a printed surface that can be used for years. If you consider the affordability of roll-ups, you will agree that the retractable banners are cost-effective branding solutions.

With the modular design and layout possibilities, you don’t have to make a large capital layout to get your brand message displayed. Start with one or two banners and gradually add more banners to your branding display stable. This enables you to change the message over time and to grow your branding exposure as your budget allows.

Investing in several such banners will also give you the opportunity to exhibit at several places at once. Supply your sales people or exhibitors with three or four banners each, and they can set the banners up where they display.

However, don’t think of the banners simply as tradeshow display products. You can use the banners in retail centres, stores, schools, at sport events, to market developments, add flair to staging of a house or simply use them to ensure maximum visibility of your flea or craft market store. Whether you want to draw attention to a specific product feature or want your general brand message to get maximum attention, the banners are your answer.

The retractable feature is another factor to consider. Having to transport your display products from one venue to another, you will want to save on space, weight and effort. The banner retracts neatly into a holder, making it exceptionally compact when rolled up. With such, transportation and storage become easier and more cost effective, as the rolled up banner takes up very little space.

Add to the above, the lightweight characteristic because of the aluminium frame, and you benefit from more cost savings in terms of transport and labour. This is especially beneficial when you have to travel by plane. You will be able to book the unit in as normal luggage, even on international flights. One person can easily carry the banner in the neat and sturdy carry bag. Setup is a breeze and packing up is equally easy. You can have your brand message up within a few seconds.

We specialise in affordable, cost-effective and innovative portable branding solutions to help you get more value for your money. Contact us for more information about the pull-up banners and other display solutions available.