Mor Portable Display Architecture

Portable Display Architecture Guaranteed to Get Your Brand Noticed

Do you know how much your brand is worth, or more importantly, does your target audience even know that your brand exists? While branding strategies have certainly evolved over the years – from signage and billboards to digital media – one thing hasn’t changed and that is the need to get noticed. Yes, your brand is your biggest selling point, which is why it needs as much exposure as it can get and whether you’re a small start-up working the trade show circuit, or you’re a large retailer trying desperately to get your message out to your target demographic, it’s time you embraced the portable display architecture at Podd Display.

Just like every business around the globe, your main objective is to make an impression and one rock-solid way to grab attention and increase sales is through the use of innovate, modern portable displays. Unrivalled marketing tools designed for exhibitions, trade shows and retail stores, portable display architecture can be your greatest salesman when it comes to turning heads, drawing in customers and showcasing your brand. If you’re on the fence about investing in some hot new marketing display equipment, then take a look at two of the most innovative and popular types of portable display architecture, guaranteed to get your brand noticed.

#1 Portable Trade Show Booths or Pop-Up Shops

The affordable alternative to renting stands, portable booths or pop-up shops can be found for all stand configurations and can even be added to or broken up into sections for smaller exhibitions or shops. Boasting full-colour interchangeable lightweight prints on fabric, the booths can also be customised for fitment of LCD screens, hanging solutions, mounting of shelves, and integrating digital tablet enclosures within the system. Modular in design, you can erect and dismantle your store or exhibition stand in minutes. Additionally, they pack flat into wheel bags, enabling hassle-free transporting.

#2 Graphic Wall Mounts for Retail Branding and Advertising
The ideal versatile wrap-around display solution for large span retail branding or advertising, wall mounts hold significant marketing value. Easy to fit to solid dry walls of 3 metres high, wall mounts make it easy to gain maximum visibility with easily interchangeable prints for campaign management. Custom manufactured to your specification, wall mounts are available in long straight, short straight or curved displays.

We Create Sleek, Stylish and Modern Retail Displays

The success of an exhibition greatly depends on the creativity of the exhibition stand designer, and at Podd Display, we believe that when it comes to your business, your brand is everything. If you’re looking for the perfect portable display architecture for your exhibition or retail store, then we can assist you.

In operation for over a decade, we have earned an outstanding reputation for creating sleek, stylish, and modern portable displays that command attention and increase sales. Having perfected our trade to match any requirement or industry, our team of designers and craftsmen has achieved incredible success in delivering portable displays to businesses throughout South Africa.

Remember that effectively running any type of store or display stand is not just about the products that you sell, it’s also about the display equipment you choose to showcase your products. With our range of portable displays, you are now able to extend your budget without compromising on the visual impact. Everything you need for an exhibition or shop is possible with our range of products.

For an innovative, proficient and resourceful team of experts that can help you strengthen your brand, allow us to do what we have done for so many successful businesses –bring your brand to life and increase your sales. To find out more about our portable display architecture – chat to us today.