Portable Display Architecture

Four Tips to Better Display Your Products at Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Do you have a physical product to sell? If so, chances are you will do well displaying it at exhibitions and tradeshows. Why is this? Statistics show that buyers and consumers hit the exhibition scene because they want to see and feel the physical thing. This is a big reason for manufacturers to exhibit their products in the first place – to bring their products and show them to potential buyers at the exhibition.

The variety of products exhibitors bring to their tradeshow displays is as diverse as the rich cultures found throughout South Africa. To choose effective display architecture for your exhibit, ask these questions:

• Will you need to demonstrate it?
• How small – or big – are your products?
• Do your products need power? How much?
• How many products do you need to bring to the exhibition? and
• Do they go on shelves, sit on the floor or on racks, tables, or podiums?

Your answers to these questions should help you get started on deciding on the best display architecture to show off your products’ USPs. Let’s take a look at some tips that make it easier to optimally display your products at your next exhibit.

#1 Don’t Bring Too Many Products

If you’re like any of the other hundreds of thousands of exhibitors in South Africa dependent on these tradeshows to keep their businesses alive, then chances are you’ll be hitting many exhibitions throughout the year. You want to keep things as simple and easy as possible, which is why portable display architecture is such a great choice, as you can assemble and dismantle it with ease. Resist the desire to bring too many products to the exhibit that might end up putting strain on your display architecture. Besides, an exhibit overflowing with products look like a flea market, and also builds a barricade that inhibits prospects from entering your booth.

#2 Support Large Products

Even though large products often sit on the floor, you still need exhibit components such as hanging signs and towers, to help define the space and promote your brand. Many exhibitors often place kiosks next to large products to better describe their benefits and features.

#3 Amplify Smaller Products

Bring your hard-to-see products to life with larger-than-life graphics showing them in use, or a demo that’s been filmed and projected onto larger monitors around your booth.

#4 Mount Your Products

Products that are valuable, heavy, or that you want in a specific place to support graphics or to get it to the eye level of your prospects can be displayed better when mounted in place. It forms part of the design of your portable display architecture, and you can unmount products when dismantling the architecture afterwards.

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