Portable Display Architecture

Portable Display Architecture Tips for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

At Podd Display, we offer a full range of portable display architecture to enable easy, functional and highly attractive trade show booth setups. Now you can make a visual impact, add retainer value and increase sales conversions at trade shows with our affordable portable display architecture. We offer everything from shell schemes to modular wall systems, in addition to banners, counters, digital kiosks, brochure stands and more. However, knowing how important every exhibition is, we provide you with a few tips on the essentials of successful booth stand designs.

Focus Attention

You need a centre or focus piece, and the entire design should be done to focus the attention on your flagship product or idea.

Create Suspension

If the visitor is able to get a complete overview of your booth without entering the stand, you will lose potential customers. Use our portable display architecture to attract the visitors and entice them to come and explore.

Set the Ambiance

Create intrigue and your visitors will stay longer. Do this with special effects, interactive digital kiosks, large wall panels, and the right floor plan. Remember to focus attention on the star product or service.

Don’t Forget about Functionality

You don’t want traffic jams. If the booth appears to be overcrowded, you will lose valuable visits. As such, you need to create a flow to ensure that the browsers can walk through quickly, while you have sales points strategically placed. Add to such, self-help digital kiosks for more interactivity and to provide visitors with information while they wait their turn to buy or to speak to one of the consultants. It is essential to create the entire floor plan with counters, brochure stands, digital kiosks, product displays, visually attractive walls and desks already planned for, in order to ensure that enough walking space will be available.

Focus on Sales

Your idea is to create selling opportunities and to ensure that your goals are realistic. Knowing exactly what you want to sell, whether a service, product or concept, you will be able to focus attention on the flagship item.

Plan Now

Don’t wait until two or three weeks before the trade show to get your portable display architecture. It takes time to print and test the final layout. You want to be ready at least 30 days in advance. As such, there is no better time to start planning than right now.

Consider Space

Remember that space costs money and you thus have to work within the allowable space. For such, we recommend making use of our expertise in helping you to minimise floor space usage with functional display solutions. The average consultant can make six sales in an hour at the trade stand and requires about 1.5 metres of space to work in. Plan ahead – what percentage of the trade show attendees do you want to visit the trade booth? How many sales can one consultant make in the given time? How many consultants will you need? To save on staff costs and space, add digital kiosks for information supply and options for purchasing on the spot. The more sales you want to make in the given period, the more space you will need for consultants and kiosks.

Target the Right Group

There will be many visitors who will pass through the exhibition and who are not there to buy. They simply browse. You want to target your specific audience to ensure that your trade booth will attract the buying audience.

Choose Your Space

Study the trade show floor plan carefully before selecting a spot for your stand. You will want to know where the food stalls are, how high the ceiling of the facility is and where power points are located.

Choose Portable Display Architecture

View our range of products and contact us to help you select relevant display products to maximise sales opportunities, minimise floor space usage, and optimise engagement with the visitors.