Portable Exhibition Stands

Portable Exhibition Stands Help Build the Perfect Event Environment

The variety of portable exhibition stands available to companies and other organisations today is little short of amazing. There are plenty of standard displays from which to select and these may easily be assembled into structures that will promote your unique identity with the addition of your corporate artwork. However, the option of personalised structures often proves to be an equally appealing one.

Depending upon the location of a given event, the overall area of the space offered to an exhibitor and the shape of its footprint can vary considerably. Where space is limited, the components of a stand must be designed to make the most efficient use of the space provided. In other cases, where there are no such space constraints, the scope for some more innovative design concepts is likely to be correspondingly greater.

Innovation apart, it is the portable nature of exhibition stands that offer their owners the greatest benefit. Anyone who attends these functions on a regular basis is likely to have seen dedicated display companies busily assembling shell schemes and often requiring a full day or even more in order to complete their commissions. The associated cost of such a service can be quite daunting and will often place a restriction on the amount of capital that an exhibitor might otherwise have wished to allocate to additional marketing activities.

By contrast, the use of components that can be conveniently transported and assembled with ease in several alternative configurations, offers a company many significant advantages – not just in terms of cost but also in terms of flexibility.

The various components that will commonly be included in the design of most portable exhibition stands are designed to provide a variety of functions. For instance, a number of panels may be connected in order to serve as a backdrop, providing a surface on which to display advertising materials such as posters, to proclaim the corporate mission statement or to deliver your unique selling points.

Other components of the display structure could be required to act as a working surface, to isolate an area of comparative privacy in which to conduct sales interviews or perhaps to provide a hospitality facility from which to supply visitors with tea, coffee or other forms of refreshment. In addition, no stand can be considered complete without the means to store and dispense corporate literature such as product brochures, reviews and spec sheets in varying sizes and quantities and to keep them in pristine condition so as to minimise waste.

In many cases, especially among those companies that are involved in the supply of fast-moving consumer goods, there is commonly a need for more specialised portable exhibition stands whose purpose is to promote the sale of various items on display.  Like Podd Display, most companies in this industry cater for this type of need with a range of point of sale products from which consumers are able to make their selections unassisted and complete their purchases at an event. The use of point of sale displays is, of course, not confined to trade shows and, in practice, this type of unit is far more often to be seen in supermarkets and other retail outlets where the need to catch the eye of the customer is certainly no less important.

Once more, the ease of portability offered by such units has its advantages – in this instance, by allowing these points of sale units to be rapidly re-deployed, the business is able to meet the constantly changing nature of a store’s merchandising requirements. These purpose-designed portable exhibition stands, for instance, are able to provide almost any type of retail outlet, from a supermarket to a pharmacy, with the ideal means by which to draw the attention of its customers to an exciting new product range or a special offer.

The bottom line is that, whatever may be the aim of your particular display, there is either an available unit that is purpose-made to meet the demands of your specific task or one that can be readily assembled with the use of suitable, re-configurable components. Having selected your hardware, it will only remain necessary to apply the artwork. At Podd Display, our talented graphic design team, in close consultation with your marketing department is able to take your concept and transform it into eye-catching reality. As a company conscious of the time, effort and money spent in building your brand, we seek only to enhance it with our portable exhibition stands.