Portable Walls

Pull Off a Memorable Exhibit with Portable Walls that Can be Used Repeatedly

Don’t you love getting more bang for your buck? As an exhibitor, chances are you have gone through your fair share of exhibition and display material. It has become time to make a smart investment in equipment and materials that will last for more than a couple of exhibitions. There is no reason to make a pack mule out of yourself either. Exhibition displays like portable walls do not have to weigh a ton and be arduous to transport and set up. When you partner with the right supplier, you can be sure you are all set for getting a great many events out of your exhibit architecture, and can set up your booth in no time at all. We have developed portable display architecture that is perfectly suited to the busy exhibitor, as it offers unrivalled mobility, versatility, modularity, and ease of use. Save money and setup time with our range of straight and portable walls today.

Portable Walls – What Options Are Available to You?

Our portable display straight walls are offered in numerous derivatives, including:

  • Straight long and straight short.
  • Curved long and curved short.
  • Customised to fit your various requirements.

We designed our portable walls to ensure superior visibility and high visual appeal, helping you stand out from the crowd. Our pop-up straight walls are easy to assemble, and provide you with the overall exhibition branding solution you need to set your brand apart. After all, it could be the difference between drawing those valuable potential clients into your booth, and seeing your prospects march off to your competitors.

Stun at Conferences and Expos with Beautiful Portable Walls from Podd Display

Our portable walls are also great for use at conferences, corporate presentations, expos, and product shows. Benefit from maximum brand exposure and an overall professional promotion with our ultra-light and exceptionally modular, durable portable wall systems. We are proud of our top-quality solutions that are available at incredibly competitive rates.

For those in search of a convenient display solution for large-span retail branding, or any public advertising area at all, our wall mounts are the perfect solution. Extremely easy to install, they require no special tools and the mounts can be fitted to solid or dry walls. There are also no unsightly seams, and the wall-mounted Full Stretch Display (FSD) makes it possible to span retail or advertising areas that are 3 m high, by up to 50 running metres. Now it is easier than ever to gain maximum visibility with easily interchangeable prints for campaign management. The hardware simply stays in place, and you only need to change the skin. The units are available in long, short, straight, and curved variations.

Why Choose Us for Your Portable Walls?

We have been around a while, and we know what our customers want. Established in 2006, we have helped countless South African companies stand out from the crowd. We service the exhibition and display market, providing quality display products at the most competitive rates around. How are we able to guarantee these great rates? We harness the power of our bulk-buying power to our clients’ benefit. Our roots in the South African exhibition sector dates back more than three decades, and we continue to work hard to establish a culture of excellence in our industry. Let us help your business stand out for all the right reasons, and make a lasting, memorable branding impression on your prospects and public. To learn more about what we do, and how our company can help yours, speak to us today. We look forward to supplying you with the beautiful portable wall architecture your business needs.