Year 2020
Solution Watch Displays
Space In-Store / Window Display
Category Retail


Bacher & Co required locally manufactured watch displays for a new brand (REVLRI) being launched toward the end of 2020 via their retail partners nationwide. The watch display needed to be innovative and in line with the youthful, earthy-chic look and feel of the REVLRI brand.


Never having designed and manufactured a watch display before, we approached this project with a somewhat “Blue Sky” approach. Specifically trying to avoid utilising existing watch clips that traditionally hold watches in place for display, we looked at a brand new approach resulting in the cork cylinder solution. Whilst presenting a unique set of challenges, we successfully executed the concept, combining the cork cylinders with steel pegs of varying heights resulting in a modular display that gives the user an incredible amount of creative freedom in assembly. A combination of natural materials such as cork, rubberwood and charcoal grey detailing complemented the earthy-chic feel of the REVLRI brand.