Livion / Sino Grinding

Year 2018
Event Electramining
Floorspace 25sqm
Category Full Custom


As a global supplier of grinding media to the mining industry, the client wanted to utilise as much of their 25 sq m space allocation as possible, using the available height in the venue as branding advantage.

The client required an open stand with high end finishes to enhance the quality and prestige of their brand. In addition to this the client required a coffee station, a focal area to display their existing product display case, LCD display and a self service data capturing terminal.


Given a very challenging 5 x 5m floor space to work in, we had to be very careful how we designed the super-structure of the stand to avoid presenting a closed look which is not inviting for visitors.

By using an open lattice structure on three sides of the stand, supporting a massive media wall at the rear we were able to open up the stand without compromising the structural integrity needed to support a bulkhead supported 6m above.

Integrated into the lattice structure was a 55 inch LCD media screen. Spanning the entire back of the stand we incorporated a multi use counter that included storage and catering for the duration of the show.

A free standing Digikiosk was utilised as the self service data capturing terminal at the entrance to the stand.