Year 2018
Event Icon Conference
Floorspace 3x3m
Category Trade Show


Having used our TRIGA® textile tension system extensively over the years, Merck wanted something slightly different that would engage their audience in a fun way whilst still getting their branding message across.


Sensitive to the fact that Merck owned a fair amount of TRIGA® Max stock already, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel from a system hardware point of view. By re-skinning the existing hardware, we could achieve a fresh new look quite easily and inexpensively.

Instead, we looked carefully at the visitor engagement on the stand. Considering that Merck were launching their Erbitux anti-cancer drug that specifically targets colon cancer in a very specific part of the colon, we came up with an interactive game using remote control tanks and a timing mechanism.

With the track in the form of the large intestine, the race start was at the beginning of the intestine and ended just before the colon where the Erbitux drug specifically targets the tumor. Participants would register their details in order to activate the starting light on the track. As the lights turned from red to green, the timer started and the racer needed to get to the finish in the best possible time.

Fastest times were automatically displayed on a digital leader-board through out the conference.

The game was an absolute hit, accumulating close to 300 registered leads during the one day conference.