Ramshackle / Falke

Year 2018
Event Two-Oceans Marathon
Floorspace 18sqm
Category Portable Stand


The client required a Pop-Up Shop to merchandise their vast product range at the Two Oceans Marathon expo in Cape Town.

They needed a flat pack solution in order to lighten logistics costs typically associated with transporting a stand of this complexity between venues.

In addition to the stand needing to accommodate hundreds of products displayed in a shop environment, they required a paypoint, digital communication platform and innovative 3D
technology as a hotpoint on the stand.


Utilising our Triga® Max system, we were able to meet all of the clients requirements.

The stand was custom designed to accommodate all of the clients product, whilst packing into 5 wheel bags for easy transportation and storage.

The pay-point counter was constructed from the same flat pack fabric system.

A 55 inch LCD screen was mounted centre of the centre tower to cater for the clients digital marketing requirements and two 60 cm holographic fans were mounted either side of the tower show casing the clients products in holographic 3D.