Thermo Fisher

Year 2019
Event Multiple
Floorspace Multiple
Category Portable Stand


As a global brand, the client required a portable stand solution that they could easily travel with. They literally wanted a stand that they could book in as check-in luggage, whilst still maintaining a professional look. They also wanted a modular solution that could be used as separate components for alternate events or presentations.


The solution to this brief was very much about the product.

Triga® Go is the only product available that could tick all of the clients boxes.

By designing a U Booth that effectively covered 9 sqm of floor space (common trade show size), the client was also able to use the walls individually for other types of presentations and alternate space allocations.

The entire solution weighed 46 kg which happens to be the luggage allocation on most long haul flights. The dye sublimated textile prints are also washable, allowing the client to present a new look every time they exhibit.

In addition to the portability, the Triga® Go system is modular which will allow the client to extend their display by adding on components at a later stage, as needed.