Promotional Counters

Convert Your Foot Traffic into Sales with Promotional Counters

If you are a retailer or exhibitor, you know how much it costs you to get those feet in the door. In fact, it probably costs you a lot of money to make sure a prospective sale walked into your store or booth, and not into your competitor’s. It is incredibly tough out there today, and the increase in competition is not helping matters. So, to make the most of the prospects that venture into your retail store, you need to make sure you create the perfect environment to convert this foot traffic into as many sales as possible.

This is where the proven efficacy of promotional counters comes in. The trick, however, is to have a beautifully designed counter that takes into account psychological factors such as eye tracking principles of reading from left to right, top to bottom. It therefore pays to partner with a supplier seasoned not only in the manufacture of these counters, but also the design. Let us look at how promotional counters can help you drive more sales.

Gives Your Exhibition Stand the Edge

As exhibition display architecture continues to become more and more sophisticated by the day, promotional counters of all shapes and sizes are being integrated into many of them. One of the main allures of promotional counters in this space is that these counters can be utilised in much the same way as a shopfront. Businesses spend thousands on creating eye-catching and interesting displays, and the same principle applies to exhibition stands as well. While the exhibition stand itself still plays an important role in grabbing the interest of passers-by, it is what you have to offer that draws them into having a conversation. Beautifully designed promotional counters provide the perfect platform to achieve this goal.

Take Your Promotional Counter Anywhere

The design of promotional counters has advanced so much in recent years, that it is now easier than ever to convert them into compact and easily transportable carriers. This provides you with the potential of transporting the counters to different events, exhibitions, and stores. Rather than merely being part of a bigger stand, promotional counters are used as a standalone marketing tool as well, allowing your branding to go with you.

Entirely Customisable

Thankfully, promotional counters have moved away from the generic and stereotypical designs. Today, you can have a tailored design that incorporates your company’s corporate colours and branding. The possibilities are endless, and their only limit is your imagination. This just further underscores the importance of partnering with a seasoned designer and manufacturer of quality, durable, and lasting promotional counters.

We Are Your First Choice for Beautiful Promotional Counters

Since 2006, we have been helping companies to stand out from the crowd. It has been a long and interesting ride, and we continue to look to the future with excitement. Our company started after identifying a need in the exhibition and display market for quality display products delivered at competitive prices. We are happy to report that this is exactly what we have achieved. With roots in the South African exhibition and display industry dating back more than 30 years, our founders sought to instil a culture of continued innovation and strategic sourcing, along with strong client and supplier relationships. Benefit from our great insight into the industry, and let us help your business make the most out of its promotional counters and other display innovations.

We are ready to help your business set itself apart in a crowded marketplace. Contact us to learn more about us, and about how our team can help bring to life your vision for a beautiful promotional counter.