Pull Up and Tension Banners

Pull Up and Tension Banners Now Widely Used Across Industries as Promotion Vehicles

The usage of pull up and tension banners has increased dramatically over the past decade for the following reasons:

  • Quick and easy erection requiring only one person.
  • Easy disassembling of the banner, which helps to save time.
  • Compact design for storage, which means space savings.
  • Lightweight design improves portability.
  • High-quality printing on the surface for best image sharpness.
  • Interchangeable print surfaces help to save on cost of promotion.
  • Weather-resistant surfaces make it possible to use the banners outdoors.
  • Cost-effective means to exhibit at trade shows.
  • Various sizes are available to meet client requirements.
  • Fast turnaround on advertising materials.

Although pull up and tension banners have always been used to increase exposure of the brand message at trade shows, more and more companies invest in a wide range pull up banners to use for various applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Real estate property advertising.
  • Staging of real estate properties.
  • Sport sponsorships at events.
  • Advertising of specials.
  • Introduction of new products in-store.
  • Promotions in retail centres.
  • Branding at conferences.
  • Inspirational messages and notifications at religious worship places.
  • Promotions of new movies at cinemas.
  • Announcements of theatre productions.
  • Informational content at airports and other public spaces.

The above are but a few of the new applications. Most companies want affordable, reusable and interchangeable advertising vehicles that can be placed at events, their receptions, seminars and outdoors.

Unlike many other advertising vehicles, such as billboards, the banners can be retracted and easily stored until needed. The billboards are difficult to erect and printing is expensive. This makes billboards poor choices for quick promotions, especially when working on tight budgets. However, for retailers and smaller advertisers, pull up and tension banners have become the most cost-effective vehicles for getting visibility of their messages.

With the lightweight design, these banners that are fully retractable can be transported by air for overseas shows, enabling travelling business people to brand where they go.

The banners come with interchangeable surfaces, which enable the advertiser to simply have new messages printed without having to pay for new structures. As such, the systems have longevity, which helps to reduce promotion costs. With the cost effectiveness of the banners, companies are able to invest in several at a time, which if strategically placed at an event, provide for stunning displays.

We offer a wide range of banners and printing services to help companies make the most of branding and promotion opportunities, while limiting their marketing spending.