Pull Up Banners

The Top 2 Reasons to Make Pull-Up Banners Part of Your Marketing Budget

Looking to take your message on the road? It’s no secret that in today’s volatile economy, business is tough. In fact, according to research, around 80% of new businesses are forced to close their doors each year. Yes, competition is not something that any business can escape and while it’s the goal of every entrepreneur to boast the best products or services – in today’s overcrowded marketplace, it takes a lot more than just “being the best” to thrive and survive.

Marketing is very important in today’s age and with competitors hot on your heels, it’s up to you to make your brand stand out from the rest. If you’ve ever worked the trade show and exhibition circuit, then you will know just how powerful a visual display can be, which is why when it comes to showcasing your brand and message, you need to be smart, unique and creative to capture the eyes of your consumer market, and nothing does this better than pull-up banners. Celebrated as one of the best marketing solutions, but brushed aside by many businesses – pull-up banners can be an excellent solution of meeting your target market and getting your brand noticed. Here are 3 persuasive reasons to make pull-up banners part of your marketing budget, right away.

#1 Versatile Enough to be Displayed Anywhere

The secret weapon to marketing your brand – pull-up banners make excellent tools for drawing attention and can have an enormous impact on your marketing needs. One of the greatest benefits of pull-up banners is that you can display them absolutely anywhere. A great tool for giving customers a brief insight into your products or services, and displaying your logo and vision – pull-up banners can be used at conferences, car shows, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, sales meetings, schools and sporting events, as well as the opening of new establishments. From promoting products and services, to making an impact with customers, pull-up banners never fail in getting your message across.

#2 Cost-Effective When Compared to Other Forms of Media Marketing

I think we can all agree that it’s the desire of every entrepreneur to want to make a good impression and be distinguished as a recognisable and notable brand, but at what cost? Let’s talk about the price of advertising. If you’re a business still caught up in the trap of spending thousands on expensive magazine, brochure or newspaper advertisements each month, then you need to rethink your advertising campaign. Today, the cost of print and media advertising is astronomical, and what’s more is that it’s not even guaranteed to meet your target demographic. At most, it will run for only a few weeks and then you have to pay for it all over again.

Can you really afford to be flushing your marketing budget down the drain each month, especially when money is tight? On the other hand, pull-up banners can also act like an advertisement, except they are 100% FREE. Apart from the initial cost of the banner design, whenever you want the world to see your message, simply pull out your banner and display it for everyone to see. Now, if there is one persuasive reason to make pull-up banners part of your adverting budget, it’s because of the FREE advertising and the money that you’ll save.

So there you have it, some persuasive reasons why you should make pull-up banners a top priority on your advertising budget this year. Now your next step is to choose a reliable branding agency that you can trust to deliver variety and quality, and this can only be found with us at Podd Display. Leaders in influencing customers’ behaviour in favour of successful branding solutions – we are the right experts to talk to.