Pull Up Banners

Why Invest in Pull Up Banners for Marketing and Promotion?

If you want to make an impression at an exhibition, workshop, tradeshow, conference or seminar, then using the pull up banner is the answer. These units are as affordable as marketing can get. Because the units have interchangeable print surfaces, you save money, since you don’t have to replace the structures holding the banners.

Although mostly used indoors, the banner can be used outside provided that the base is heavy enough to withstand winds. To counter windy conditions, the base can be water or sand filled. For the best results, we still recommend indoor usage.

The large surfaces available make our pull up banners useful as marketing tools. With such, you have more print space and can thus make a powerful visual impact. We provide high-quality print services, giving you amazing contrast and the ability to add detail without losing the visual impact.

If you use the banners next to each other, you can create even more visual impact. With this kind of display, you create a banner wall which can be placed in a manner that fits your display requirements. Such modularity provides you with maximum flexibility in layout and creativity. You can add more banners, change the layout or reduce the number of banners according to space availability. Of course, we also offer full-sized banner walls. These walls provide larger surfaces and can be straight or curved in shape, but you will certainly benefit from also investing in several stand-alone pull ups for additional exhibition impact.

The pull up banners, whether used for exhibitions, in-store promotions or as point-of-sale products, hold several benefits:

  • Easy to erect – with a trouble-free roll-out action to display the graphic panel.
  • Quick to disassemble – simply retract and store.
  • Neat and durable carry bag for convenient portability and safe storage.
  • Compact in design to take up minimum storage and transport space when retracted.
  • Protected against environmental factors when in storage through the cover provided by the carry bag.
  • Extra strong print surface with special protection against UV.
  • Interchangeable print surfaces to save money when it comes to future promotions.
  • Single or double-sided print options.
  • Strong base and frame to ensure neat display.
  • Lightweight frame making the product extra light, and thus ensuring lower transportation costs and more portability.
  • Various sizes available to meet your display requirements.

Pull up banners should form part of your display repertoire, whether you attend exhibitions, host sales talks or want to use the products for promotions in-store. View our full range of portable display products and contact us for a quote.