Roll Up Banners

Why Roll Up Banners are Cost-effective Display Materials

Roll up banners form such an integral part of exhibition, show and retail displays that you can hardly afford not to have at least one or two roll up banners as part of your display repertoire. Modern exhibitions are highly visual, as having to compete with hundreds of exhibitioners for the attention of visitors over a period of three days can be a daunting task. It is not always possible to create a booth for every exhibition that’s unique, but by having roll up banners available, you can change the layout and the visual display of your exhibition without having to make substantial capital layouts.

How Roll Up Banners Work

The print is digitally done on a canvass that is attached to a retractable device. It works in a way similar to a retractable overhead screen. The banner comes with a stand to ensure stability. You can use roll up banners for indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and various sizes are available.

Benefits of Roll Up Banners

The banner systems are lightweight in design. This makes it possible to carry the rolled up or erected banners without the help of another person. Being lightweight also means less weight when transported and thus lower fuel consumption.

Apart from being lightweight, the banner is rolled up when stored or transported. The retraction system helps to prevent damage to the print surface. As such, the banner is protected against UV, rain, debris and dust when in storage or transported.

Neatness of display is exceptionally important and with the retraction system, the print surface stays smooth and undamaged.

Setting up the banner system takes less than a minute and take down is just as fast. This means savings on setup and disassembling time, thus translating into cost savings. With more time to display, you will also have more opportunities to get sales leads.

Compact in design, the roll up banners take up very little space when stored or transported. With such, you don’t have to hire or use additional transport to get your exhibition material to your intended destination. With little storage space taken up, you will be able to take the retracted banners wherever you go.

The print surfaces are interchangeable. This means that you only have to invest in the structures once and can then just have the surfaces printed according to your promotional message.

What it boils down to is that you will have a compact, lightweight, durable and attractive display system that is versatile. You can print on one side or both sides of the banner. Changing the display layout is easy because you can easily move the banners.

Versatility in Applications

Roll up banners are not just useful for exhibitions and trade shows. You can invest in the banners for seminars, workshops, real estate marketing, retail displays and even for training purposes.

How the Podd Display Printing Project System Works

We work with you to ensure that the banners are the correct size for the particular applications. Our design team can assist in creating stunning designs, and because we make use of the latest technology in printing, you can expect high-quality and detailed printing.

Our printing process entails the defining of the project, where we discuss the details of the print job and then upon approval of the project, we plan the print process. This includes obtaining the correct banners and contracting suppliers where needed. The project is managed to ensure the best possible results within the allotted timeframe and then the results are evaluated. Changes are made where necessary and once you are happy, the product is delivered.

Roll up banners are cost effective. View our range of products and contact us for a quote and project assistance.