Roll Up Display Walls

Lightweight Roll Up Display Walls for Retailer Usage

When someone mentions mobile display units, such as roll up display walls, one immediately thinks of tradeshows. True, most roll up display walls are used at tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences, but have you ever considered using roll up display walls for other applications, such as sport days, in-store retail advertising and visual enhancement of product displays?

The modular design of roll up display walls makes for easy assembly. Unlike more complex advertising structures requiring special tools and a bit of technical expertise to set up, roll ups have been designed for quick setup, even if it is only one person with no technical knowledge at all. This means having a display stand that can be used anywhere in your store or in a retail centre without needing a large team to assemble it.

Why use the Roll Up Display Walls In-store?display walls

As a retailer, you know that people buy with their eyes and their hands. This means that they make decisions based on the visual appearance of products and then they want to touch the products. With the large ads displayed throughout, you create visual awareness and appeal.

Interesting displays most certainly get more attention and with the display walls, you will succeed in focusing attention on the products that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. This is especially useful when you have limited stock of expensive and smaller products, but you want to create eye-catching displays.

Most often, you don’t want to sell the only product you have in-store and rather want people to order. You may have the expensive products, such as cellphones, stored in a cupboard, but want the customers to be aware of the products.

By having a large photo wall display at a strategic place with a call to action, you will be able to make more sales and thus be able to move merchandise, which would otherwise just have gone unnoticed because of their size or because you have to keep them in cabinets.

The roll up display wall unit comes with high-quality inter-changeable graphic prints. In this way, you don’t have to replace the entire structure, just the print surface. You thus save money when it comes to setting up new displays.

With the portability of the structures, you can move them around in the store and are thus not limited in the usage and where you want to erect the displays. The units can be used near the point-of-sale, in the middle of the floor or as backdrops in window displays. Your window displays, no doubt, must attract attention. The idea is to get passing by shoppers to stop, see the products and enter the store to buy. If you for instance, display a bikini model seated on a pool chair and use the roll up display wall to display the seaside in the back, you will get more attention than simply adding a mannequin with no backdrop.

In essence then, the wall displays provide you with:

  • More ways to advertise your products.
  • Innovative ways to advertise services which cannot be demonstrated with products.
  • Grab attention or focus attention on specific products.
  • Change graphics when needed for new displays or specials.
  • Add interesting dimensions to window or floor displays.

You can use the same walls for displays at exhibitions and sport days or for displays in the show areas of the shopping mall. In the latter instance, you will be able to draw attention to a special at your store and thus get additional traffic to the store from elsewhere.

What we Offer

We offer pop-up display panels with sturdy, but lightweight structures which hold the graphics straight. You have a choice of curved and straight walls and can choose between short and long walls. Superior quality digital prints make for attention grabbing displays. The base fabric is strong, durable and attractive looking. Different sizes are available and with the units being so lightweight, you can easily move or transport the roll up wall displays.