Wide format digital printing is a process of direct printing onto a variety of media, up to roll widths of 3.0 m. This printing process is extremely flexible as machine setup times are short in comparison to industrial printing processes such as litho printing. Applications ranging from stickers to billboards are typically printed on wide format printers.

We utilise the latest latex print technology which has many advantages over older, solvent technology. Our prints are immediately ready to use as soon as they come off the printer, colours are richer and resolution more accurate than ever before. Latex ink, being water based is environmentally safe and also safer for the operator as there are no noxious vapours emitted.

We print up to resolutions of 1200 dpi meaning crisp prints and dead accurate colours suitable for extreme close up viewing. With light cyan and light magenta inks in addition to the standard 4 process colour system, skin tones and pastel colours are more accurate than ever before. All our inks are UV stabilised, suitable for 3 years outdoor use and 5 years indoor use before any colour fade occurs.

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