In addition to digital printing we offer a litho printing service for clients with bulk printing requirements. How are Litho and Digital printing different?

Digital printing is a direct printing process which requires a short setup time and is ideal for low to medium volume print runs. Litho printing on the other hand is an industrial printing process that involves print transfer from colour separation plates. This means that the setup time of the printing equipment is extensive and does not suit short print runs. With modern digital printers, print quality is similar and both processes offer UV stabilised inks for outdoor use.

We are able to bulk print desktop calendars, corporate folders, business cards, promotional flyers, booklets and catalogues to your specific design specification. With a number of finishing options including die cutting, hole punching, folding, gluing, UV spot varnishing, embossing and much more, you can rest assured that your printing requirements are well taken care of. We offer fast turnaround times and excellent quality.

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